Can New Scribe Save Children?

There’s good news for anyone who suffered through the abysmal Satin Slayer storyline on ALL MY CHILDREN – not to mention the dreadful Dixie debacle, the ghastly Greg Madden gorefest and pretty much every other story to unfold on the ABC sudser over the past 18 months: Headwriter Megan McTavish has been fired. And while there is not yet any word on who’ll be replacing her in the top scribe slot, one thing is certain: The show would be hard-pressed to do worse. Rumor has it that the slot will be filled by either Jack Smith or Kay Alden, both of whom served as headwriters for THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS before that soap foolishly named Lynn Marie Latham as not only the top scribe but executive producer, ensuring that no one would step in and say, “Hey, wait a minute… maybe we shouldn’t turn the top-rated soap into a ridiculous mess about a stolen reliquary, twin cousins and senate candidates with a history so scandal-ridden they’d make Gary Hart look like a feasible candidate. Meanwhile, buzz is building that the next major change to be made at ABC will involve a new writer taking over at ONE LIFE TO LIVE, where Dena Higley’s tenure has been a mixed bag, giving viewers both highs (the Tess/Jess saga) and lows (the interminable reign of all-purpose bad guy Spencer Truman).

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  • Eric

    its about time somebody did something to the trainwreck that has become AMC.
    Megan McTavish has destroyed core characters, changed history, and made one of ABC’s top show, the worst.

  • Um, when did this site become “The BAD TV Addict?”

    hehe, jk.

  • Mr. Brightside

    Now they need to fix ATWT. Thanks for the reporting on soaps. Not everyone admits to watching it.

  • concernedcitizen

    ah daniel darling, what about your pledge never to get sucked into soap operas?