Good News for VERONICA MARS?

In a continued effort to keep MARS fans up-to-date on the likelihood of VERONICA MARS seeing a fourth season, is pleased to report some positive news. Xanadu, the Broadway show that Kristen Bell was looking to star in has found a new leading lady — Kerry Butler (HAIRSPRAY, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS).

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  • InvaderSteven

    I saw another article a day or so back which had KB saying in an interview that she was doing a movie on her hiatus, so I knew the Xanadu thing wasn’t going to happen.

    (I’d have flown to NYC for that one, though. I loved her in Reefer Madness.)

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  • I’m SO stoked about Xanadu (and, being one of Kerry’s fans, excited to see her take on this unusual roll). As for Veronica, I’m afraid I just don’t see a fourth season happening, given the ratings these past few weeks. I suppose a miracle could occur, but… well, I’m an athiest. Enough said.

    And what the HELL was that post above me?

  • Sam

    Your next poll should be ‘do you think veronica mars wil lbe renewed?’ It’d be interesting to see what people think.

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  • Leah

    They never continue the best shows….one tree hill, Roswell, Dark Angel and now Veronica Mars. I swore when i finished watching OTH i wouldn’t get into another series. I’m always disappointed. I want Duncan Kane and Veronica together again!!!! Why not??? 🙁