LOST: Is Locke Getting Dumber? (and other burning questions)

Being ‘stuck’ in Los Angeles, I’ve surprisingly had very little time to watch Television (I generally tend to make that sort of thing a priority!). But thanks to the innovation of ABC.com and their incredible online television player I was able to catch up on Wednesday’s episode of LOST.

The Sayid-centric episode had me fixated to my laptop for the entire 44 minutes (including three Burger King commercials — yes ABC, your online advertising works and I’ll be heading out to Burger King for a Stacker later!). The episode was everything LOST should be — exciting, mysterious and most of all left this TV addict with some serious questions.

Is it just me, or is the island making Locke dumber? Locke started out as a knife-weilding kick butt kind of guy (someone I’d trust with my life). Yet as the series has continued, he seems to be devolving into a senile old man. You know what I’m talking about — every neighborhood has one — the old guy who just sits on his porch all day and just shouts things to passing by cars. After the whole Hatch fiasco, why exactly is Locke allowed near a computer? And when is he going to return to his mysteriously cool ways circa season one?

Is the addition of Nikki and Paulo simply and inside joke with the LOST writers (essentially ‘red shirts’ from Star Trek)? Sure, show-runners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff have promised that Nikki and Paulo are going to play an integral role in the LOST mythos, but let’s face it — Cuse and Lindeloff have promised a lot, namely answers! When are we going to discover why Nikki and Paulo are on the show? and more importantly, why are they so integral?

Why did Eye-Patch (Mikhail Bakunin) kill Ms. Klugh and what were they mumbling in Russian? Does it not seem that these ‘Others’ (or is it ‘Hostiles’ now?) are an incredibly violent group of people? Is it not strange that they seem to place very little value on the life of their friends, colleagues and co-Others?

Has anyone online taken the time to review Sayid’s previous flashbacks frame by frame to see if his captor was ever in the show? (This being the internet, surely someone has!). Was Sayid lying when he told his captor that he was sorry for torturing her?

Finally, the most important question of all. Now that Sawyer lost to Hurley in Ping Pong, how are we going to survive an entire episode (or more specifically, a week in LOST time is what? Two seasons in ‘real’ time?) without Sawyer’s brilliant nicknames. ‘Zorro’, ‘Grimace’, ‘Avalanche’ and ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’ were some of his best yet.

So there you have it LOST addicts, five questions for you to mull over on a Friday. Post away with your theories, thoughts and answers. Because let’s face it — odds are you know a lot more about LOST than I do.

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  • Sam

    Out of whoever many episodes have aired this season, only two have been really good-Juliette’s episode and this one, both backstory and island stuff were great.

    Im really frustrated with Locke because it does seem like he’s making a lot of stupid choices lately.

    Sayid wasn’t lying about the torturing. Did you notice that look he gave her when he first saw he? I thought it was because he thought she was pretty but obviously he must have recognized her.

    Nikki and Paulo have an extremely important purpose, tvaddict. LOST was starting to run out of people to kill we don’t care about so they had to bring in some more people we dont care about to of course kill them later.

    Have fin in L.A.! (I’m so jealous you got a photo op with ‘Dexter’ lol)

  • Camille

    I agree, Locke’s getting annoying. I was impressed when he won against a computer programmed by the “three best” but when he blew up the farm…so stupid.
    Sayid is good, I like knowing more about him. He was a hell of a torturer apparently. I want to know more about him 🙂

  • sayid used to be my favorite character(i guess he still is) but i was so pissed after all we have seen him do in flashbacks i’ve been able to see his humanity in all of it but i cant freakin believe he left that cat in the jungle it just wasnt right.

    will we find out what happened to the girl he was in love with that he set free? and set up an old friend for? this girl wasnt her right?

  • Common Sense

    Sorry, gotta disagree with those who liked this episode. Sayid and his flashbacks…yawn. Ping-pong on the beach. Double-yawn. Did anything else happen? Didn’t think so. Oh, and Locke, I’m not even ON the freakin island, and I knew what would happen when the computer asked if there had been a “hostile” intrusion. Why exactly were eyepatch and the lady at this remote house, if that’s mystery question?

    My friends at work agree with me, Prison Break is more interesting and exciting this season than Lost, which continues to hemmorage viewers. ABC, just why can’t you figure out how to keep a large audience for shows we like? You blew it on Commander In Chief, and now Lost.

  • Sam

    CS I gave up on Prison Break myself about four episodes back. It got too unbeleivable and predictable and I stopped caring about the characters.

  • This wasn’t a great episode – I agree with Common: How could Locke NOT have known what would happen when he pushed that stupid button? – but at least it was better than the oh-so-tense (not) “Hurley jump-starts a hippie’s beer-filled fan” episode. I’m oh-so-close to giving up on this mess. And while there was a time I would have thought that impossible, being an addict of anything with continuing storylines, the fact that I was able to dump Prison break cold turkey proves I can do it. Lost would be a little bit harder, but man, I’m really, really leaning toward just telling my DVR to Cancel This Series Recording.

  • Sam

    tralfaz I feel the same way. I used to hang on to LOST’s every move and nearly cry with excitement at the end of every episode but now I do that with Heroes, which is the best show on tv right now and so much better to me right now.

  • Hoser

    I’m starting to wonder if Locke is a plant. Like when we finally get the episode we’ve all been waiting for, where we find out how Locke got in the wheelchair, in a stunning twist he is recruited by the others and promised to be able to walk if he helps them out with a little sociological experiment they are running.
    After all, Locke has now destroyed two hatches and who knows how much critical information. Not to mention releasing Ben from captivity as well.