2007 Paley Festival Recap: HEROES

Just got back from tonight’s Paley Festival Event starring yours (and my) favourite HEROES. Aside from screening the episode “Homecoming” the audience was also treated to a really interesting new scene between Mr. Linderman and Nathan Petrelli from episode 19 (airing April 23). For some mild (but really cool spoilers) click the link below. And make sure to return tomorrow to theTVaddict.com for a complete (and incredibly detailed) recap from tonight’s fantastic panel.

Needless to say, the entire panel is thrilled with the fan’s reception to the show and Greg Grunberg is not surprisingly the most likeable (and funniest) actor in Hollywood.

Mr. Linderman reveals that he has a special ability (although he doesn’t specifiy what exactly he can do). Linderman tells Nathan that years ago there were a group of people like him and together they tried to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, some of his peers decided to use their powers for greed, and personal gain. Thus the world is now a chaotic and awful place. People can’t be trusted and the world needs an event to unite around. Fear is the motivating factor and an event (such as an ‘exploding man’) would unite the world and make for a better place. Nathan tells Linderman he’s crazy, Linderman disagrees. They continue to walk through Linderman’s gallery until the camera pans on a photo of Nathan in the White House. Linderman tells Nathan that this ‘horrible event’ will unite the country behind him. Nathan is skeptical, explaining to Linderman that he’s behind in the polls and won’t even be elected to congress. Linderman laughs, telling Nathan not to worry, essentially saying he’s a shoe-in to win the upcoming election. The scene ends with Nathan pointing out that the event is brought upon by his brother Peter — ‘the exploding man’. Linderman says that everybody has a roll to play, sacrifices must be made.

Needless to say, this TV addict CANNOT wait for April 23 to roll around. Tune in tomorrow for my full recap.

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