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Hi everybody! Ya know, one thing I noticed recently, when seeing a preview on NBC for Raines (which I’m REALLY looking forward to!), is that even the normal networks are beginning some of their shows at odd times during the season. It used to be, everything started in the fall and ended in May (or thereabouts). Then some regular type shows started airing in the summer, which is fantastic. Then seasons got split into Fall and Spring or Winter or whatever they want to call it. And now, it seems like you have shows starting in the middle of March. I don’t get it, really. Of course, there isn’t much of ANYTHING about the networks that I understand anymore. It’s all about the Benjamins, unfortunately. So I guess I do understand 1 thing. heh Well, let’s see what’s on tv this week, shall we?


Sunday, check out Grease: You’re the One That I Want on NBC at 8/7c. Another Danny must leave and the 3 remaining couples perform in duets to show off their chemistry with each other. Getting down to the wire! Who is YOUR Danny and Sandy?

Ok, I have to say… I ADORED The Winner last week. My husband, poor thing, says he sees a lot of himself in Glen, the main character. Fortunately, I think he’s much smarter and not nearly as uh, mental, as Glen is! But this show had us cracking up the whole time, so while it’s around (I dunno if we hold high hopes for it or not!), we’ll definitely be watching the new episodes tonight at 8:30/7:30c and 9:30/8:30c on FOX.

Finally, if you were an Angel or Buffy fan, check out Blood Ties on Lifetime tonight at 9/8c. It’s the 2 hour series premiere! Get ready to take a thrilling ride through the mystical world of private investigator Vicki Nelson, who finds herself solving supernatural crimes after joining forces with the mysterious and sexy Henry, who claims to be a 450-year-old vampire! When sparks start to fly between the unlikely pair, Vicki’s torn between her new fanged friend and her former colleague and sometime lover, Mike. It stars Christina Cox (Chronicles of Riddick) as Vicki, Gina Holden (Rachel Scofield on Reunion) as Coreen Fennel, Kyle Schmid (Evan Frasier on Beautiful People) and Dylan Neal (Doug Witter on Dawson’s Creek) as Mike Celluci.

Also on tonight:

  • Battlestar Galactica *New Episode*
  • Cold Case *New Episode*
  • Deal or No Deal *New Episode*
  • Dice Undisputed *New Episode*
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition *New Episode*
  • Family Guy *New Episode*
  • Footballers Wives *New Episode*
  • Girls Next Door *New Episode*
  • Paradise City *New Episode*
  • The Amazing Race *New Episode*
  • The Apprentice: Los Angeles *New Episode*
  • The Dresden Files *New Episode*
  • The L Word *New Episode*
  • The Simpsons *New Episode*
  • The Surreal Life *New Episode*
  • Without a Trace *New Episode*
  • 7th Heaven *Repeat*
  • America’s Next Top Model *Repeat*
  • Brothers & Sisters *Repeat*
  • Desperate Housewives *Repeat*


Monday, check out the premiere of The Riches on FX at 10/9c. Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver star in The Riches, a one-hour drama focusing on a family of Traveller con artists, Wayne (Izzard) and Dahlia (Driver) Malloy and their three kids. Through a set of unusual circumstances, the Malloys assume the identify of a well-to-do normal family, the Riches (Doug and Cherien). The family soon finds out that living the American Dream with their newfound identity is more twisted and challenging than any of their previous stings.

Or catch The Black Donnellys at 10/9c on NBC. Huey’s widow asks Tommy to host the murdered ringleader’s wake at the Firecracker; when drug-addled Jimmy appears to pay his respects, it raises Dokey’s suspicions that the Donnelly boy killed his brother.

Also on tonight:

  • IFL Battleground *2-Hour Series Premiere*
  • Gay, Straight or Taken? *2 New Episodes – including Season Finale*
  • Supernanny *Season Finale*
  • 24 *New Episode*
  • Deal or No Deal *2-Hour New Episode*
  • Engaged & Underage *New Episode*
  • I Love New York *New Episode*
  • Inside the Actors Studio: Chris Rock *2-Hour New Episode*
  • Lincoln Heights *New Episode*
  • My Super Sweet 16 *New Episode*
  • Rules of Engagement *New Episode*
  • The Hills *New Episode*
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine *2 New Episodes*
  • What About Brian *New Episode*
  • Wildfire *New Episode*
  • All of Us *Repeat*
  • CSI: Miami *Repeat*
  • Everybody Hates Chris *Repeat*
  • Girlfriends *Repeat*
  • House *Repeat*
  • The Game *Repeat*
  • Wife Swap *Repeat*


Tuesday, catch the new 2-hour episode of American Idol at 8/7c. The top 12 contestants perform selections from the Diana Ross songbook after coaching sessions with the singing legend.

Also on tonight:

  • American Heiress *Series Premiere*
  • Bullrun *Series Premiere*
  • The Real Housewives of Orange County *Season Finale*
  • The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency *Season Finale*
  • Bad Girl’s Club *New Episode*
  • Bam’s Unholy Union *New Episode*
  • Dirt *New Episode*
  • The Agency *New Episode*
  • Two-a-Days *New Episode*
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos *Repeat*
  • Boston Legal *Repeat*
  • CSI *Repeat*
  • Gilmore Girls *Repeat*
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent *Repeat*
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit *Repeat*
  • NCIS *Repeat*
  • The Unit *Repeat*


Wednesday, it’s back, it’s back! Check out the new episode of Bones on FOX at 8/7c. During a murder investigation in the marina, Booth notices similarities between the case and a murder in Brennan’s latest book.

Then stick around for the first results show for American Idol where 1 contestant is voted off, then at 9:30/8:30c, catch the new episode of Til Death as it comes back from hiatus. Eddie and Joy share a dorm room with a partying single father when they visit Allison for parents’ weekend; Jeff hires someone to help Steph tile the bathroom. Watch soon for an interview with Krysten Ritter, who plays Allison!

Also on tonight:

  • Halfway Home *Series Premiere*
  • According to Jim *New Episode*
  • America’s Next Top Model *New Episode*
  • Crossing Jordan *New Episode*
  • George Lopez *New Episode*
  • In Case of Emergency *New Episode*
  • Jericho *New Episode*
  • Medium *New Episode*
  • Lost *New Episode*
  • Road Rules *New Episode*
  • Saints & Sinners *New Episode*
  • South Park *New Episode*
  • The Real World *New Episode*
  • Top Design *New Episode*
  • According to Jim *Repeat*
  • Criminal Minds *Repeat*
  • CSI: NY *Repeat*


Thursday, catch the series premieres of 3 new shows! On NBC at 9:30/8:30c, watch Andy Barker, P.I., starring Andy Richter and is executively produced by Conan O’Brien. He portrays Andy Barker, an earnest, hard-working CPA who has succeeded at everything — that is until his new accounting business fails to take off. But when he’s mistaken for Lew Staziak (Harve Presnell, “Fargo”) — the retired private detective who used to occupy his office — Andy embraces the twist of fate and takes the case. Andy’s incessantly supportive wife Jen (Amy Farrington, “The New Adventures of Old Christine”) isn’t sold on this risky new venture, that is, until she notices a sudden boost in Andy’s self-confidence. Andy’s neighboring merchants — Simon (Tony Hale, “Arrested Development”), Wally (Marshall Manesh, “Will & Grace”) and Jessica (Ion Overman, “The L Word”) join him in the dicey investigation. Whether chiding thugs for “renting instead of buying” or being pursued by Sri Lankan gangsters, Andy will prove to be a consummate problem-solver. I saw the screener for this last summer and it was cute. Definitely worth checking out! Plus, it’s airing after Scrubs, so you should be on NBC anyway! 😉

Then on ABC at 10/9c, catch October Road, which centers on the young, popular author, Nick Garrett, (Bryan Greenberg – Jake from One Tree Hill!), who is at a crossroads in his life. To get over his writer’s block, he goes back to his hometown and must now face the family and friends he has avoided for the past ten years. Once back home on October Road, he quickly discovers that the circle of friends whose teenaged lives he wrote about have trouble forgiving him for leaving them behind, and that his ex-girlfriend, Hannah Daniels, may have had his child.

Also at 10/9c is Raines on NBC starring Jeff Goldblum. Eccentric LAPD detective Michael Raines’ unique ability to have detailed conversations with deceased crime victims allows him to re-trace their lives leading up to their murder and helps him to solve their cases. Unfortunately, it also causes increasing friction with his boss, Captain Daniel Lewis fellow officers Remy Boyer (Dov Davidoff, “Third Watch”) and Sally Lance (Linda Park, “Star Trek: Enterprise”), as well as civilian employee Carolyn (Nicole Sullivan, “MADtv”). Aided by Charlie (Luis Guzman, “Boogie Nights”), his ex-LAPD partner and conscience, Raines struggles to accept his peculiar gift — or burden — as it often forces him at times to confront his own past and internal demons.

Also on tonight:

  • The Showbiz Show with David Spade *Season Premiere*
  • Tease *Season Finale*
  • NCAA Basketball Championship: Round 1 *Sports*
  • Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? *New Episode*
  • Grey’s Anatomy *New Episode*
  • Juvies *New Episode*
  • Pros vs Joes *New Episode*
  • Scrubs *New Episode*
  • Smallville *New Episode*
  • Supernatural *New Episode*
  • Ugly Betty *New Episode*
  • The Office *2 Repeat Episodes with Previously Unseen Footage! (“Traveling Salesman” & “The Return”)*


Friday, catch a new episode of The Wedding Bells on its regular night and time at 9/8c on FOX. A runaway bride returns to The Wedding Palace and demands another shot at getting married; the sisters grapple with having to run two weddings in one day; the wedding singer gets laryngitis.

If you liked Identity when it was on a few months ago, check it out on NBC at 9/8c as it returns from hiatus with all new episodes!

Also on tonight:

  • NCAA Basketball Championship: Round 1 *Sports*
  • WWE Friday Night Smackdown *Sports*
  • 1 vs 100 *Season Finale*
  • Celebrity Deathmatch *New Episode*
  • Crank Yankers *New Episode*
  • Real Time with Bill Maher *New Episode*
  • Grey’s Anatomy *Repeat*
  • House *Repeat*
  • Raines *Repeat*
  • Wife Swap *Repeat*

Have a great week everyone! Enjoy the nice weather and great tv while they last!

— Jenny

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