Amrie’s Take on TV: Random Musings

At any time of day, talk to me, and I’ve got a million thoughts on what’s happening in the world, and what’s happening on TV week after week. I talk about four things at once because I’m always thinking about a hundred different topics that interest me. I’m always tempted to give a little breakdown of what’s actually happening so that people understand the crazy-random that is my world.

That said, it’s time for a little random insight into the world of what’s going on in my TV addicted mind this week.

Grey’s Anatomy: The Baby Doctors –
So the title of her spin-off might not be “Addison and her merry bunch of a former group of who’s who on cancelled (or low rated) but great shows” but it’s definitely got a truth to it, doesn’t it?

For those of you who have missed the casting notices going around, let’s take a little breakdown of what’s to come – Taye Diggs, late of Kevin Hill (underrated gem on UPN) and Daybreak; Tim Daly, fresh from ABC’s cancelled Eyes and The Nine; Merrin Dungey, Francie/Evil!Francie from the glorious Alias; Amy Brenneman, the Amy of Judging Amy; Chris Lowell from cancelled ABC show Life As We Know It (the one with Kelly Osbourne) and the show that rules the world Veronica Mars. It’s like ABC wrote up a list of people that would seriously make me smile, and they, one by one, called them up and offered them this job. They are building what could be a huge show for them. I worry, though, that there will be no chemistry or some other detrimental thing that will hold up the ratings surge Kate Walsh deserves!

Can Friday Night Lights be any more awesome?
I’m pretty sure the answer should be no, because each week I think “this couldn’t be any more awesome”, but I think every time I watch it, it gets that much better! I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – Coach Eric Taylor and his amazing wife Tami make me yearn for a relationship like they have, a family like they have. Their darling going-through-the-awkward-teen-years-as-the-coach’s-daughter offspring Julie is one half of the second cutest couple in the history of couple-dom! She and Matt Saracen are what every high school couple should be. They have their squabbles, but they survive. Tyra – once the misunderstood townie, now the daughter of the town slut, she has struggles, but she really shows just how strong she is week after week. Lyla has grown on me, and I’m rooting for her and Jason. I’m worried about Waverly and what her not taking drugs will mean for her and for Smash. Buddy Garrity makes me laugh, Landry makes me happy, and Tim Riggins and his adorable little neighbor Bo give new meaning to the word “father-figure”. Did anyone else just die when Bo handed Tim Riggins the 8 by 10 school picture? I watched and rewatched that scene 4 times, just to see the adorable thumbs up that Bo gives! Long story short, you must be watching this show. If not for me, or for the ratings and ultimate survival of this glorious show, but for an hour of your life that flies by, but keeps you entertained! It’s worth every minute you spend in front of that TV! It’s on a bit of a hiatus / rerun run for the moment, but it’ll return soon, and you should be front and center when it does.

If a Viper Pilot dies in the middle of what looked like a firework, can the crew of BSG survive?
It sure seems like they’re going to try. Kara’s been “dead” (had I said that outloud, I’d have used air quotes because until I see a body, she’s not dead) 2 weeks, and everyone is having trouble dealing with it. It’s interesting to see what impact this foul mouthed, foul attituded (yeah, I made up that word) woman has had on our favorite BSGers. Adama finds himself crying over Disciplinary Reports. Lee finds himself unable to hang up her picture, because it signifies that she’s really gone. Anders is drinking and jumping off vipers. Tigh is distressed, everyone is sad. It was nice to see people come to terms with what happened, sort of, and I hope that we continue to see the fall out and that they don’t forget about this huge thing that happened.

Just when I thought I’d cured myself of the need to become completely addicted to another show, along comes Jericho and The Black Donnellys.
How much do you love The Black Donnellys? I love it. I love it so much. It’s funny, it’s dark, it’s depressing, it’s uplifting, it’s exciting, etc. Jonathan Tucker is great as Tommy Donnelly (that’s not to mention his amazing physique! Sure, he was hammering a guy into little pieces, but did you notice his arms….wow). I felt so bad for this young man as he killed his way through town to protect his family. It was heartwarming in a twisted way. As for Jericho – I swear, this show grows on me and I’m more and more into it as the weeks go by! The scene in the Green’s dining room between Jake and Johnston? Tears! When Stanley tried to keep Jake warm, when the game changed and Sarah murdered that dude, when Mimi walked and walked and almost gave up. It just makes me happy to watch, and it’s a nice little breather from the seriously intense stuff I watch all the time.

I miss Bones
That’s all. It’s been so sporadic. I miss it.

Thursday – Comedy Night Done Right is okay in my book
It’s been a long time since I found myself wanting to watch a solid 2 hour comedy block as much as I want to watch NBC’s Thursday night line up. My Name is Earl definitely has its own brand of humor – it’s off beat, quirky, and Jason Lee and Jamie Pressly are truly great comedic gems. The Office is great this season. I’ll admit that I’m in agreement with those of us who feel that Michael Scott is a little too inept for words sometimes, but there’s no other show that does ensemble humor like The Office. Well, no other show besides Scrubs, that is. In its 6th season, I sometimes feel like they’re feeling out of stories to tell, but each week, they surprise me with their laugh out loud moments. I’m so glad it sounds like they’re getting a season 7. Rounding out the night, they’ve done a phenomenal job bettering 30 Rock to a point where it makes me truly laugh, raucous belly laughs that make me cry a bit. Kenneth the Page….need I say more? Tracy Morgan adds the most off the wall comedy to a show that is already top notch. I think the limited use of Jane Krakowski has been just what the show needed. It’s a shame that Rachel Dratch lost out on the role and was made into a bit player. Though her “bit parts” are perfect.

I’m glad Comcast offered me some ridiculous package so I could get really cheap premium channels
How else would I get to watch Rome whenever I wanted to? How would I be able to watch The L Word all the time? Entourage will be coming back, and The Tudors on Showtime. I’m tempted to call them and tell them they’ve made a mistake in giving us this super deal, but I just love them too much to give them up.

Who’s excited for Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver as Southerners who steal dead people’s stuff?
Sure sounds like it’ll be a crazy show, but how can you go wrong with Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver? I’d seriously watch them sit and watch TV. I’m so excited for the premiere!

Why is 7th Heaven still on the air?
It just makes me so confused. And seriously, they have a character named T Bone who goes around T-Boning (if you will) little Ruthie Camden. It’s just wrong. On a million levels. I caught 2 minutes of the show one time this season. Ruthie got a tattoo, was super sad about it, spilled the juicy details of her siblings’ tattoos, and then get taught a lesson by all of her closest friends and family (except Matt, Mary, and Simon who have WAY better things to do). In the final 20 seconds, we come to find out that The Camden parents? They have tattoos too, but they still keep their children scared of their wrath by keeping silent and treating them like morons. Worst show ever. Ever.

So that’s what’s on my mind this week. What’s on yours?

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  • I agree about the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off casting. Any one of those wouldn’t be that big a deal alone, but put them all together, and that’s a pretty impressive cast.

    I’m okay with how everyone is reacting to Kara’s death. It’s fairly realistic, and it’s good to see more of people’s emotional sides. For me personally, I’m okay with the possibility that Kara is dead. I never liked her character as much as most people do. Besides, I’m thinking surely we haven’t seen the last of her. Whether she’s a Cylon or not, I think she either escaped death or will come back from it, one way or another.

    Jericho keeps getting better and better. I also liked the hard winter episode. I hope we get more information about the multiple capitals and multiple presidents that we first learned about in the Blackjack episode. I’m also curious as to how the country is being divided geographically or if the nation is still considered whole with multiple candidates fighting for power over everything.

    I’m kind of disappointed that Prison Break, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, and Boston Legal are all in repeat cycle right now. I’m wondering when The Shield comes back and when Fox’s new show Drive comes on. I’m looking forward to those, as well as Rescue Me and The 4400, which will probably start this summer. Totally random thing that just crossed my mind: With such short seasons, I wish Beauty and the Geek came on twice a year.