Is the GREY’S Spinoff Over-hyped? (Already!)

Maureen Ryan is reporting today that Evil Francie (ALIAS) better known to the rest of the world as Merrin Dungey (KING OF QUEENS) has signed on to the much buzzed about GREY’S ANATOMY spinoff.

Now I know what you’re all thinking — thanks to an absolute dream ensemble including Kate Walsh, Taye Diggs, Chris Lowell (VERONICA MARS), Paul Adelstein (PRISON BREAK) and TIM DALY (EYES) — can this spinoff be anything less than the most successful new show of the season? To that I say six words: STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP.

Around the same time last year the television community was buzzing about Aaron Sorkin’s highly anticipated return to television featuring — surprise, an absolute dream ensemble. Almost a year later where’s the dream team now — on ‘hiatus’. Now don’t get me wrong, I love STUDIO 60 and will be in front of my television the moment the GREY’S spinoff premieres. But can we at least try to refrain from awarding the show a best drama Emmy before it’s even aired? Nothing good comes out of over-hyping a show so early. Remember last year’s sure fire hits. Ray Liotta in SMITH, NBC’s answer to LOST —KIDNAPPED! Well I don’t, because they’ve already been cancelled. Let’s not have our favourite character from GREY’S ANATOMY suffer the same fate.

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  • It’s a sad day when a show becomes over saturated before it has even filmed. I predict that it will either be a soaring hit for ABC, or it will fail miserably.

  • Oh yeah, it doesn’t even have a title yet!

  • Amy Brenneman is also on board! Star power does not make a show instantly good, or instantly a ratings success. They’re jumping the gun on this one (that’s not to say that I won’t make it appointment viewing – the minute I heard that Tim Daly and Paul Adelstein (and Chris Lowell) were on board? I freaked out slightly and I’m super excited about it!)

  • Common Sense

    Trust me, folks, this spin-off is likely to be even more popular than the original Grey’s. Why?

    #1, it takes arguably their best and most multi-dimensional actor, Kate Walsh, and pairs her with a lot of proven, familiar faces to TV viewers. People we like.

    #2, it won’t have the whiney Meredith or the insipid soap-opera McTriangles which moved me to drop the show from ANY viewing, regular or cursory.

  • Seriously, at this point, it had better be amazing. Still. Francie! along with Piz and original Burke?
    So there!

  • You know, now that I think about it, if this show doesn’t have a cloying voice-over then I’m in.

  • Sam

    Tim Daly? Oh, we can all expect 4 maybe 5 episodes now. Don’t get your hopes up folks.

  • seat42f

    I think it would have been HUGE if they let Shonda take the cast she wanted… she asked for Kate, Steamy and Alex and got just Kate…..

    What would be funny is if she got to go back and get Rob Lowe now ( he turned down the McDreamy roll) …..

    still think they need another “it” girl on the show to balance out all the guys they have….

  • Guy

    I must say if kate walsh leaves greys lets hope it is on a note that if this spin off fails she could come back to seattle grace.

  • Linda B.

    So what will the premise of this show be? Will it be all about Obgyn cases? Didn’t NBC try a show like this a few seasons ago called Inconceivable? I never watched it (too close to home), but if i remember correctly, it failed miserably and was cancelled after only a few airings.

    I’ll still give this new show a shot, but doubt it will even come close to Grey’s popularity and ratings. Have they given it a night yet?