You Be The Critic: Andy Barker, Raines and The Riches

Nothing starts off a week on a better note then FREE TV ONLINE and this week we’ve got a ton of new and exciting choices (How else are we going to get through that ‘pesky work week’?). NBC, hoping to generate buzz for two of its newest series have made them available for free on iTunes and online. You can check out Andy Richter’s newest stab at sitcom success on iTunes or

Sadly, we at are still trying to figure out why America didn’t fall in love with ANDY RICHTER CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE (oh wait, it was on FOX — see FIREFLY, PROFIT, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT etc.) Here’s hoping love-able Andy has better luck on NBC.

Looking for yet another hour long procedural crime drama to fill your week between the eighteen CSI’S and LAW & ORDERS? The Jeff Goldblum vehicle RAINES is now streaming over at But before you press that play button and waste an hour of your valuable time on a series that will no doubt be cancelled in three weeks, may we suggest checking out a far superior drama that truly needs your support. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is the best drama you’re not watching. Give it an hour and you’ll be hooked. You can see it online by clicking here.

Can’t wait for tonight at 10PM to catch FX’s newest offering THE RICHES? You can catch it for free right now courtesy of AOL. THE RICHES stars Eddie Izzard and Mini Driver as two gypsy travelers from rural Lousiana. An unfortunate accident provides a great opportunity when they obtain the identity of a well-to-do “normal family,” becoming “Doug and Cherien Rich.” Seduced by the idea of a bigger life for themselves, and armed with the keys to a new house in a posh neighborhood, they soon find that suburban life is more twisted and challenging than any of their previous stings.

Joanne Ostrow of The Denver Post hails THE RICHES as TV’s “most promising new heavyweight” of the midseason, and praises Izzard’s performance as “phenomenal” and calls Driver “a wonder” to watch. The TV Addict couldn’t agree more and predicts THE RICHES will join THE SHIELD and NIP/TUCK as true breakout hits for one of the most daring networks on TV.

And now my dear readers where you come in. What have you seen? What do you like? What’s worth our time and what’s going to soon join the ranks of SMITH (ie. quickly cancelled). Post away with your thoughts.

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  • Andy Barker is surprisingly good. It reminds me a lot of 30 Rock in how it may need some time to truly become a worthy competitor on Thursday nights.

    Raines makes me want to cry. Really, I hate it.

    The Riches is growing on me though. I’m not done seeing all the episodes provided, but so far I’m impressed.

  • Liz

    I really liked The Riches pilot. It’s got some edge but its still pretty comedic and light hearted. It’s not a show that takes itself too seriously (cough cough Dirt) and I’m enjoying the acting by Izzard and Driver. They are both great to watch on screen. They’ve got chemistry, maybe not Coach Taylor and Mrs. Coach chemistry, but still enough to make their scenes compelling.

  • Linda B.

    Aleks, and whoever else has seen it, what’s bad about it? I’ve thought about starting it, but then again i have waaayyy too much on my plate already.