Separated at Birth: Baltar and Desmond

Has anyone else noticed the recent striking similarity between BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’S Baltar and LOST’S Desmond? Are their recent hairstyles merely a coincidence? Or part of a massive conspiracy that may or may not shed light on Kara Thrace’s unfortunate demise and the true mystery of the Dharma Initiative.

Think about it. What is the one thing we’re sure about with regards to LOST’S mysterious island? Planes crash. Didn’t Starbuck’s Viper recently crash? (okay explode, but stick with me on this). Isn’t online speculation running rampant that Starbuck isn’t really dead but somehow stuck in limbo? Was Starbuck’s ‘death’ really a death or simply part of a secret Dharma Initiative? Isn’t Desmond able to travel through time? Could Desmond actually be Baltar in the future? Could Starbuck show up on the island in season three! The possibilities are endless. Think about it… this TV addict may be on to something. Stay Tuned.

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