Blind Item: Degrasssi Star Stumble

As I sit here in LAX waiting for my flight to take me back to Toronto (moment of silence) I can’t help but wonder two things. First off, why don’t the LAX employees look nearly as good as the Heather Locklear/Blair Underwood ill-fated NBC series advertised. And two, since I’m going to be offline for quite a while, I better leave you all with one hell of a blind item to keep you entertained (and guessing) throughout the day.

So here’s what theTVaddict learned in Los Angeles. One of your favourite boys (or is it girls?) from DEGRASSI TNG was this close to having their career launched into the stratosphere. Turns out the actor (or is it actress!) in question was second choice for one of the leads in that little Disney Channel movie you may have heard of called HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. Post away with your guesses as to who almost transferred from Degrassi High to East High.

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  • Dustin

    I bet that it was Jamie Johnston

  • Kelly

    I think it was Cassie Steele.

  • i haven’t got a clue but i’m intrigued!

  • Chris

    I’d say Cassie Steele cause she can sing, but she’s the only one that I know of, there might be others!?


  • Sam

    Andrea (Hazel) has worked with Disney before and can sing as well as Cassie Steele, Jake Epstein and Melissa McIntyre. I don’t know of anyone else though…

  • christine

    most definitely have to go with cassie steele…..she was in the disney channel movie “full court miracle” rite??
    i think she could’ve been second pick for gabriella……or not

  • Younowho

    Could it be Danny Clark?

  • TeenieBopper

    You’re not going to leave us hanging this time like you did with the whole on screen best friends/off screen good friends/no longer friends at all in any sense of the word thing are you?

  • Sam

    TeenieBopper I was just going to ask whether or not he was going to tell us this time, lol.

  • Common Sense

    HELP! Having never seen Degrassi…I need to know how to pronounce it, since my employer (TV) is picking up the show in syndication. Is it De-GRASS-ee…or De-GRAH-see?

    Thanks for the help. Hope the show is good, the 2nd time around.

  • Chris

    I’ve heard both and always wondered which is more appropriate? I hear ‘GRASS’ in the states, but I seem to remember some of the cast calling it ‘GRAH’.


  • Amy

    I’m thinking it’s Cassie Steele or maybe Jamie Johnston.

  • Sam

    For those of us that watch or watched the show, the actors themselves all seemed to pronounce it differently so I don’t think there is a set way on how to say it.

  • doowap123

    I’m going with Cassie Steele as well… You are going to giev us the answer, right ???

  • Sophia

    Jake Epstein, he was at a Disney Channel movie (Quints) and he’s a good singer.

  • This is 2 Common Sense…
    I pronounce it, De-GRASS-ee but both is right!!!!!

    I think it’s Jamie Johnston, but i want Andrea Lewis 2 B on HSM2 because she can sing and act.
    BTW: she was in Disney’s Cadet Kelly, with Hillary Duff

  • Jamey Johnson

    Jamie Johnson – obviously the most talented onthe show