BATTLESTAR Disappointment

Was anyone else incredibly disappointed by Sunday’s episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA? In a recent article Maureen Ryan, the television critic for the Chicago Tribune wrote with regards to the final three episodes of the season, “…I can say without spoiling anything that they are, like Sunday’s Starbuck episode, a rousing return to form after some uneven standalone episodes.” Having just watched Sunday’s episode I’m inclined to disagree.

The episode was essentially a set-up for what better be one frakkin’ incredible two-part season finale. Why else would the writers spend an hour attempting to forge an emotional bond between the audience and this unknown lawyer Romo Lampkin (a dishonest lawyer, talk about riveting!). Even more popostrous is the fact that we’re supposed to believe that Apollo, a career fighter pilot will now be assisting Lampkin in what is the Galactica equivalent of the Nuremberg trial. All because his grandfather was a famous lawyer? Sorry Mr. Moore [Battlestar’s showrunner], I’m not buying it.

With only two episodes remaining this season, here’s hoping that the writers remember that the show is called BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, not GALACTICA & ORDER. I’m willing to look past the obvious attempts to create tension by pitting father against son (Adama vs. Apollo) as well as the show’s incredibly weak string of standalone finale episoes as long as the last two live up to the hype. Bring on the action! The Cylons! Col. Tigh! So say we all!

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  • Sean

    I think the Nuremburg comment was much more dead-on than you realize. Baltar needs this kind of representation, especially if the BG civilization is to maintain its hold on democracy. And that’s something the younger Adama has always advocated.