Live Blogging LOST (Episode 12, Season 3)

lost live blogging

9:57PM: T-Minus three minutes until LOST. Until then, consider this. How dumb is America? It’s bad enough we’re addicted to reality television (ie. AMERICAN IDOL), but to not vote off Sanjaya — the far and away worst performer in the competition. Can’t wait to hear what Simon has to say about this one. Did we not learn our lesson with Taylor Hicks?

10:01PM: Claire with black hair…. very Sydney Bristow ALIAS. Paulo and Nikki aside, does anyone else find Charlie the most annoying castaway on the beach?

10:04PM: What does Desmond know that we don’t?

10:10PM: So Claire apparently was an alcoholic (Did we know this before? I honestly can’t remember. It’s been years since Claire’s had a story) Hmmm… who else do we know who had a drinking problem in the world of LOST? Are drinking problems not heredity?

10:14PM: “Because you’re not on THE LIST?” Someone in the LOST writer’s rooms been watching a little too much HEROES!

10:16PM: Pretty cool how eye-patch knows that Locke was paralyzed. Weird how it seems there could be another HEROES/LOST connection. A theory: Some powerful man (ie. Hanso) decides that the world must end and brings only the best and brightest of humanity to live on the island. Didn’t Linderman on HEROES wish to wipe out the worst of humanity? If Claire mentions her high school cheerleading days, something fishy’s going on.

10:20PM: Even in her own episode, Claire is taking the back-seat.

10:22PM: Who’s paying for Claire’s Mom’s hospital expenses? Jack’s Dad? Hanso? Penny Widmore’s Dad?

10:25PM: Locke actually did something right for once. That was pretty cool.

10:33PM: Jack’s Dad is the Doctor… and Claire’s father! And the award for the least surprising twist ever goes to… Luke… I mean Claire… I am your father!

10:43PM: Claire also works at a tatoo parlor… Freaky! Another strange coincidence… Claire’s baby is fatherless as well.

10:48PM: Hiro… I mean Desmond can see the future?

10:56PM: They’ve been on the island for 80 days… feels like three years. I really miss last week’s episode… more Sayid… less Claire.

10:58PM: “We’re Here”…. Holy filler episode Batman! Happy Jack… playing football.. we are marshall… oh wait, wrong show.

10:59PM: The John Locke Story… FINALLY! Next week does look awesome. Thanks for everyone who stopped by. Special thanks to Todd and Tim for commenting. See ya next week.

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  • Charlie has definitely done some stupid things (especially attacking Sun last season), but he doesn’t annoy me as much as others. I guess I still give him extra credit for being in Lord of the Rings. 😉

  • He’s just such a whiner. And hello? I love everyone conveniently forgot that he beat up Sun!

  • I’m guessing Desmond has had a Charlie’s-gonna-croak vision, and the gun is actually for Charlie’s protection.

  • Wasn’t there only one or two people who knew he dragged Sun into the jungle? Seems like it was either Sawyer or Locke.

  • Are you on the list?

    Save Charlie. Save the world. 😉

  • Jack is Claire’s big (half) brother?! SHOCKER!

    It’s like anyone saw that coming.

  • Tim

    ““Because you’re not on THE LIST?” Someone in the LOST writer’s rooms been watching a little too much HEROES!”

    More like vice versa, since Lost has used a line similar to that as early back as the 3rd or 4th ep of season 2.

  • Damn you Tim! You’re completely right! I tip my hat to you God of Lost!

  • Cory

    It pissed me off that they were doing an ear piercing with a gun in a tattoo parlor. No way in hell they wouldnt use a needle in place like that!

  • what pisses me off is its been 80 days- which doesnt really make sense to me- and 3 seasons and charlie and clair have yet to hook up, wth what else is there to do on an island, not even a kiss! come on.