tricia helfer

Memo to Sam and Dean: If you run into a mysterious and beautiful woman on a dark highway, she may be a cylon. Tonight on SUPERNATURAL, Tricia Helfer guest stars at Molly, a woman who claims she’s being chased by an evil-looking man (My guess, a nerdy BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fanboy!). For the full story, be sure to tune into SUPERNATURAL tonight at 9PM on the CW.

Also on tonight are brand new offerings from ABC, including UGLY BETTY, GREY’S ANATOMY and the new drama OCTOBER ROAD (8-11PM ABC). Needless to say, after meeting the cast of UGLY BETTY this week at the Paley Festival, I’m ubér excited for the return of BETTY. Tonight Betty must find a date for Charlie’s birthday, and the lucky candidate is her orthodontist (THE CLASS’S Jesse Tyler Ferguson). Over on GREY’S there’s simply sex, sex and more sex (at least according to the promos). But sadly, no Addisex, err… Addison and Alex, as their burgeoning romance has been put on hold thanks to the GREY’S ANATOMY Spinoff (you may have heard of it). And finally, the premiere of OCTOBER ROAD. While I’ll be giving the show one chance, simply out of support for my favourite THAT 70’S SHOW chick Laura Prepon (Donna). It’s not going to be easy watching Pepron with Bryan Greenberg (ONE TREE HILL) — was Topher Grace not available?

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  • Emma

    I am so excited for October Road, which promises to be excellent. I’m a huge fan of Bryan Greenberg, and I’m sure he’ll do great.