Word is spreading across the net that VERONICA MARS has been cancelled. While my sources at the CW haven’t 100% confirmed this fact, Eonline’s Kristin had this to say, “I must tell you that I’ve heard from several solid sources that the CW has decided not to bring Veronica Mars back for a fourth season. Though official word has not yet come down from the network.” Stay tuned to all day tomorrow for the official word. As soon as we hear the facts, you’ll be the first to know. First EVERWOOD, now VERONICA MARS — Is the CW really that clueless? Let the campaign begin: To find out how you can help, check out

Update: In an effort to ensure that rabid MARS fans don’t burn down the CW head office (not a sugestion folks), Eonline’s Kristin has updated her blog this morning. VERONICA MARS has not officially been cancelled. The powers that be are currently considering a different format for the fourth season. Kristin continues, “From what I hear, that format would leap four years into the future and focus on Veronica Mars as an FBI agent. Aside from returning star Kristen Bell (duh), the rest of the cast is yet to be determined, but it isn’t likely that many of her current co-stars would be on board. So bottom line: Veronica Mars could be: 1) spinning off into a new format, 2) returning in her college years or 3) getting canceled.” Click here for Kristin’s full report and at the very least, get ready to say goodbye to Parker and Piz.

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  • Eric

    im speechless if this is true…

  • Tonya

    Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like all the focus on cancellation and attitudes of inevitable doom are contributing to the demise of VM. Instead of being proactive and trying to project that a 4th season is actually wanted, most bloggers and tv scoopers keep shoving the cancellation word down our throats!!! People who loved Everwood rented a ferris wheel for heavens sake–what are people doing for VM?

  • Nicole

    I am going to cry… seriously???
    If the CW is getting rid of the amazingly awesome VMars to make room for some crappy show like the quickly cancelled Runaway, i have absolutely no idea what is going through their heads.
    Really, I’m going to cry.

  • tdot

    It was one of my fav. show from season 1 so it had a great run!

  • Frank

    the thing that makes Veronica Mars so appealing is the fact that shes in college living the life as a normal young adult. If they follow her as an FBI agent it will be like EVERY OTHER crime show on television.

    Its whole appeal would be Lost

  • gadz

    I think that The CW can not afford to lose both Gilmore Girls and VM. So i hope that VM stays as it is with no time jump that will only confuse old viewers.

  • Geri

    Gilmore Girls will probably be gone next season and 7th heaven as well (at least I hope so). If the CW cancelled VM as well, they would have to come up with a bunch of new pilots. I am not sure if the network wants to take that risk.

    Personally I never liked VM´s third season setting at the college. I do actually think VM needs something new, so I would like to see a new concept…as long as they keep Logan and Keith that is;) I am sure Rob Thomas isn´t stupid, he will find a way to keep the show´s core atmosphere. Plus, let´s be honest here: We should be quite thankful for the CW even thinking about a possible fourth season.

    On the other side, the CW would have had two shows skipping several years next season with VM and One Tree Hill. That could be odd.

  • TeenieBopper

    I can live without Parker and Piz. There hasn’t been nearly enough Veronica and Wallace interaction this season anyways.

    I’d be a little leery of an older Veronica and Keith relationship, but you know what? If it keeps the show on the air, I’ll give it a shot.

  • TeenieBopper….. I too would be a little leery of a ‘Veronica Keith relationship’ 🙂


  • TeenieBopper

    Oh snap, you got me.

    But seriously, we all know that Veronica and Keith have one of, if not the most interesting father/daughter relationships on television. I mean, it started off with Keith being the stereotypical father where he does almost everything he can to keep her protected and sheltered, and over the course of the first two seasons, slowly let her work her way out. Now in college, she’s mostly on her own, but Keith is still a sort of home base for her, and it’s still very much a father/daughter elder/child relationship. I think it would be very interesting to watch the relationship evolve into one where they were equals, and the effects it would have had.

    This is why I was so disapointed that Professor Landry ended up being A) such a scumbag, and B) arresting (and probably convicted) of manslaughter. Ever since the scene where Keith approached Landry in the bar, I very much wanted more of a Keith vs. Landry scenario. I think it would have been incredibly interesting for Landry to become even more of a mentor figure for Veronica and being at odds with Keith, to see how that sort of triangle would play out, especially if Veronica had started to mimic Landry in some way.

    Wow… I think I think about this show way too much. Maybe I”m a little to invested.

    I know there’s somebody else who’s been saying that if the CW cancels VM, they’ll never watch the network again. The more I think about it, as emo as it is, I just might join them. I’d have to give up Smallville, but let’s be honest, that show has pretty much sucked since the fourth season.

    This… this was way to long. My bad.

  • TeenieBopper… I completely agree. This season the show’s salvation has been Keith and Veronica.

  • Verocita

    She sould wait until is 1000% corfirmed to publish that news. I almost die of a heart attack.

  • Gry

    This is one of the few series on network TV that I tune into anymore. Other than “Supernatural”, I couldn’t even name another program on the CW, much less force myself to sit through it.

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  • Dan

    It says on the Wikipedia website that the CW officially cancelled veronica mars today! NOOOO

  • Gry

    The CW’s rationale mystifies me. It’s not as if the network has a crowded line-up of ratings winners to begin with. Its numbers are in the toilet and and its programming is worse than even FOX’s. It’s losing two of its flagship shows and now it decides to cut “Veronica” loose after three seasons, to be replaced by what terrific new series? The network’s umpteenth futile attempt at a nighttime soap? Yet another rehash of “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Dawson’s Creek”? More reality series about bimbos with low self-esteem?

    If the CW was supposed to an experiment in two struggling networks pooling their resources, it’s failed miserably. After the WB’s poor handling of both “Angel” and “Everwood”, it’s become obvious that the CW is a huge downgrade from the already shallow WB and UPN.

  • hellogoodybe

    CALL THE NETWORK: 818-977-6878

    It’s a recording. you leave them a message and they listen to it later. this is what the recording says:

    You have reached the CW Television Network Viewer Comment Line. If you would like to leave a comment please do so after the beep. if you would like to post your comments online, please visit us on the internet at and enter the cw lounge. We do listen to all messages and make note of all veiwer comments. thank you for watching the CW network. recording!*beep*


    Send a “Save Veronica” postcard or letter to:
    Dawn Ostroff
    President of Entertainment, The CW Television Network
    4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg 168
    Burbank, CA 91522-0002

  • vicvol

    I cant believe thats its cancelled. We are only starting off with season 3 here in Ireland. What a disaster. Its one of the most smartest shows on the box, and its cancelled? Its not fair, how do shows like smallville survive and VC gets the axe. Terrible news.

  • Alexa


    ); -sob- Whyyyyyyyyyy?

    Wth is their problem it’s probably the only show I watch on T.V. and it’s amazing! I own the first and second season and I’m so pist that they’re going to cancel!

  • Johan

    This is bullshit. Veronica Mars is one of the best shows ever. If the CW cancel VM they are going to loose allot of viewers. I just hope if the make a fourth season of VM that they will include Logan in the season.

  • ruby

    VM is one of the few shows on TV nowadays that is not stupidly written and have very actors and interesting characters to boot!!!!!

  • stephanie

    i had just recently gotten into the show. its not fair. they always get rid of the good shows and keep the bad ones.