Forget OFFICE ‘Newpeats,’ Bring on OFFICE Fan Videos!

In an effort to placate OFFICE addicts who must patiently wait until April 5 for the next new episode of THE OFFICE, NBC has decided to air ‘newpeats’ rather than simple traditional repeats. Yes, you heard me — ‘newpeats.’ Don’t you dare confuse the word ‘newpeat’ with the word ‘repeat’. They have two completely different meanings.

Starting tonight (8-9PM, NBC), the repe… sorry ‘newpeats’ will tie together edited encore episodes of “Traveling Salesman” and “Oscar’s Return” combined with new, never-before-seen moments throughout the hour.

We at say FORGET NEWPEATS! Why not take a half hour and air some of the brilliant fan videos OFFICE aficionados have posted online. Not only will you be engaging OFFICE fans from around the world, you’ll prove once again, tha NBC is on the leading edge when it comes to the convergence of television and technology.

Just check out this latest video — taking a look at DECISION 2007: KAREN vs. PAM. Is it not far more entertaining and more importantly original than any newpeat could ever hope to be. Check it out below and chime in on whether or not you’ll be giving tonight’s OFFICE newpeat a try.

Video By Low Culture

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  • Common Sense

    HILARIOUS video. And great suggestion for NBC to show some of them on-air!! That WOULD be cutting-edge. Hopefully they’re still interested in the “Nobody’s Watching” show that The WB totally whigged out on, but has found huge life on the net.

  • Linda B.

    Maybe it’s me, but i didn’t really notice anything new in ‘Traveling Salesman’. I only watched half of ‘Oscar’s Return’ and was disappointed it wasn’t the producers cut they ran on

    What was new in both episodes?

  • Linda — as much as I’d like to help you out here, I didn’t watch the episode. And had I did, I’m not sure I would have even noticed… perhaps a bigger OFFICE addict can field this question?

  • Linda B.

    Let me guess, you were watching Ugly Betty instead 🙂

  • Linda… how on earth did you guess that? 🙂