Random Musings on ABC Thursday

Admittedly, I’m a sucker for a show that takes place in a small town (see: ED, EVERWOOD, WIND AT MY BACK). So it wasn’t much of a surprise that I really enjoyed last night’s premiere of OCTOBER ROAD. My one question: Why is the show called ‘October Road’? Did I miss something? Is the street they lived on named October Road? Somebody help me out here.

Does anyone else think GREY’S ANATOMY is turning a little too much into MELROSE PLACE? First George hooks up with Meredith. Next George gets hitched in Vegas. And now within a mere few months of getting married, George is already cheating on Callis — with his best friend! When did George turn into Amanda Woodward?

Watching last night’s UGLY BETTY all I have to say is two words — ‘the Amanda’. Yes I’m a little biased, having met the cast on Monday, but let’s face it, Amanda can wear anything (including that hat!) and still manage to look incredible.

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  • Common Sense

    I’m with ya, TVA. I watched October Road, despite mediocre reviews…and really liked it. I will most definitely be back for it week after week. The characters and their nuances are totally believable for a small-town soap. Not that I think that Bryan Greenberg is the best lead for a series, but it somehow works here. And the girl from That 70s Show is always awesome. Overall, a fairly riveting hour..for the first time out. Kudos to ABC for keeping up the development slate. Keep throwing “stuff” against the wall and something will stick. Wish they’d have gone longer with LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, though.

  • Jenny

    I read an interview….somewhere… lol can’t remember where. Anyway, it has something to do with a poem about always being able to go home. 🙂

  • Sam

    When is Grey’s Anatomy NOT being all angsty and Melrose Place-like?

  • I liked the leads in October Road but I got bored. Sorry. Then again, I got bored of Grey’s last night too and did NOT buy that Izzie and George would sleep together. They have a brother and sister relationship. Ew…

    I totally snort laughed at Amanda in The Amanda though… a new classic!

  • Vance… I agree with you on GREY’S, not its strongest episode. And pleeeaassseeeee….. why is it on TV, all it takes is a little drink and you’re drunk enough to sleep with your BFF and destroy your marriage. Has this really every happened to any of your best friends?

  • Another problem with Grey’s Anatomy… Can Christina and Burke just break up already? Their relationship was shaky enough to start with, but their chemistry has gotten even worse since all the behind-the-scenes controversy has started. I also don’t buy the George/Izzie hookup, nor the George/Callie marriage, nor the Callie/George’s friends problem. I did, however, like the stuff with Meredith and her father, and the scene between her father and Derek.

    As for Ugly Betty… I can’t agree about the Amanda hat. She’s hot, but even she can’t make that hat look good. 😉 Good episode, but I wonder if Daniel’s mom will go to prison or if she’ll get acquitted on some technicality.

    Did anyone else notice some editing problems on Ugly Betty last night? I don’t know if the problem was with the director, the editor, or just Lucy Lui, but there were about three scenes with Daniel’s lawyer/lover Grace Chen in it that had at least one minor continuity error each (one shot, her head is to the side, next shot, she’s facing forward; one shot, she tries to walk around Daniel’s left side; reverse angle, he’s stopping her on his right side). It was kind of distracting. I noticed one minor continuity error from Mimi on Jericho the other night too, but just one continuity error involving head position I can deal with. Lucy Lui was causing problems all over the map. I wonder if she’s always an editor’s nightmare or if her movements & positioning were unusually chaotic just last night.

  • George is becoming the Jake Hansen of Seattle Grace Hospital.

  • Jake was my first parallel, but I honestly don’t remember Jake being such a tramp — at least he wasn’t married. George is more of a Michael right now… Michael cheated on Jane a lot!

  • I liked October Road too.

    Plus, Bryan Greenberg = HOTTTTNESS

  • Meredith has an “inappropriate men” problem, George has an “inappropriate women” problem.

  • Jo

    I believe at the bar Freddie accused Nick of “forgetting which side of October Road he belonged on” from which I assumed they meant a literal road in town, and that they grew up on the less wealthy side of town, and that he felt Nick was forgetting his roots. Hopefully they’ll clarify it in a future ep.

  • Jo, I remember that line too… and I was thinking…. where’s the road! Hopefully in future episodes we’ll get the standard TV road sign shot. Quick Trivia… who can name me (without google’s help) the street Roseanne’s family lived on? The Simpsons? Family Guy?

  • Tara

    I also noticed an editing/continuity problem in Ugly Betty with Amanda. When she was talking to the girl she pushed out of the way, the top part of “The Amanda” dress that went over her arms was rolled up over her chest, then down, then up, then down again. But honestly, that little problem was not enough to distract me from the hilarity of the whole “Oh, you must be the accountant” introduction that Gabe went through over and over.