Rob Thomas Speaks Out just received this note from Rob Thomas and we thought we’d share it with our fellow VERONICA MARS addicts right away.

“Each year we pitch to the network what the show will look like in an upcoming season. This “FBI Version” of Veronica Mars will be one option that we present to the network. We’re entirely prepared to proceed with Veronica Mars ‘The College Years’ as well. Warner Bros. Television, the studio that produces the show, certainly wouldn’t be investing time, money and effort into a presentation if they didn’t believe wholeheartedly in the show.”

– Rob Thomas, Creator/Executive Producer of VERONICA MARS

Thanks Rob for setting the record straight. Know that whether it’s ‘The College Years’ or ‘VERONICA MARS: FBI’ we at will still be watching.

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  • Truemyth

    Thanks for passing this on to the rest of us! Thanks for keeping in touch with the fans, Rob!

  • Anita

    Thanks for the message. I’m open to both options since I love Veronica Mars, but either way, Veronica needs Logan in her life to humanize her. I’d love to be able to see that after everything that Veronica finally develops emotionally and can have a healthy, snark-filled, passionate relationship with someone that loves her flaws and all and whom she loves the same way. If we jump into the future, basically what I want is that imperfect Veronica Mars that still strives for the truth, is loyal to those she loves and can be counted on when the chips are down, yet has grown past drama!angst!drama of college and the point where her fears, issues and insecurities constantly stand in the way of her own happiness. I want to know that her past didn’t break her and she’s happy, witty, snarky, flawed, passionate, dogged, sarcastic and still smarter than the rest of us.

  • filmtx

    Thanks for setting the record straight. The good thing that came out of this misinformation is that it proves that “Veronica Mars” fans are still passionate about keeping it on the air.

  • Well if V is a full-fledged FBI agent in the skip forward version, she might be able to work out of the LA or San Diego office so all our favorite characters would be able to stick around

  • Thelma

    I agree with you Anita. I also want to see Veronica grow emotionally and able to have a better relationship with Logan. As long as the story continues somehow, then I will be happy. I also hope to see the rest of the cast on a regular or semi-regular basis. Thank you so much for passing this on to us.

  • Lynn

    I think Logan and Veronica are emotional poison to each other and they should stay far far away. Each character brings the other down and does something weird to the show. Veronica needs to develop emotionally, but Logan is right there with her. Them having an actual lasting relationship is sort of laughable to me. I think the show is at its best when it has nothing to do with the Logan/Veronica relationship or their tiring, repetitive angst; when it instead focuses on mystery and friendship. So I’d say, for a possible fourth season, time jump or not, Veronica should not get together with Logan for a FOURTH time, but instead let it go and move on…to a healthy relationship.

    I’m not really feeling the FBI angle, if only because time jumps allow creators to do basically anything they want with all the relationships of the show with little explanation or build-up–things I don’t like. See: Battlestar Galactica.

  • Jeff

    I’m split between Lynn and Anita on Logan, but I hope next season, however it turns out, Wallace and Mac are still around. Their friendship with Veronica has been the one element that this season has lacked. As long as their around, and Keith remains a part of her life, I’ll still watch.

  • Liz

    Hmm, interesting. I don’t really mind if VM ends though, a good run is a good run.

    PS. what’s with the weird advertisements on the sides of the website? It’s a bit distracting. I kinda liked it before when they were more subtle and didn’t narrow down the actual site…

  • Tonya

    I am really loving the FBI angle. I think that would open some intesting doors for the show. I think Veronica and Logan have reached their relationship road–the together/apart thing is tired…I love Logan but I think Veronica should move on and I don’t think that really leaves a place for him on the show. I want to see more V and Mac and/or Wallace but I don’t really know what their roles would be in the FBI scenerio. They are really dynamic when they are actively involved with cases (which is what made Wallace’s character in season 1) but to just bring them to have a causual conversation doesn’t do justice to the characters or the actors.

  • Alyssa

    I think that saying that Veronica needs a man to give her humanity or makes her who she is, is very anti- Veronica Mars. Nobody makes her who she is except herself. People around her contribute to her being, but she doesn’t NEED anybody to make her human.

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