I’m Addicted to Buying TV Shows on DVD

A friend of mine just bought her first house. What do I have? A really large collection of television shows on DVD. I think I have a problem.

Recently on my trip to Los Angeles, I spent an afternoon in Amoeba, the world’s greatest used DVD and music store (6400 Sunset Blvd). The store is an enormous warehouse featuring every TV show you can imagine, and more importantly, at incredible prices! Any show you can think of, they’ve got it. Truly, a TV fans dream and a dangerous place to visit if you’re a self proclaimed TV addict.

Did I really need to pick up season four of SCRUBS? A show that airs in reruns almost ten times a day on different channels. The first season of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER — the show that will be airing repeats in syndication within two years. THE COMEBACK complete series? Okay, that one was worth it — Lisa Kudrow’s brilliant but cancelled HBO series was absolute genius. Who am I kidding — they were all worth it. Okay, I might have a problem.

Why exactly am I buying new DVDs when I still have sealed unwatched seasons of GILMORE GIRLS, REBA, THE WEST WING, MELROSE PLACE, THE OFFICE and more sitting on my ever expanding DVD wall?

So to recap — my friend has a house, I have the first season of BEVERLY HILLS 90210 on DVD. Help me help myself. Do you have an addiction to buying television shows on DVD? Any ideas on how to curb my addiction? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Tim

    I am definitely a TV DVD addict, as well. I’m also like you, even if I have stuff I have not watched yet, I can’t stop buying new sets. Maybe we should hold group meetings over this.

    Hi, I’m Tim and I am a TV on DVD Addict.

  • chasingclerks

    I know exactly what you are talking about…for me, I have to get it when it comes out even though I have 5 different shows sitting there I haven’t even started yet.

    Tim…I will definitely be joining your group.

  • John

    Psych Season 1 is a must buy and comes out in June.

  • Thank you so much for writing this. I already thought I was the only one. My friends always roll their eyes at me when they find out I bought another TV show on DVD. Especially when I just recently bought the whole set of Six Feet Under without ever having watched an episode before. Actually I spend every single Euro (I’m from Germany) that’s left after a month on DVDs even if I have seen the episodes about 1 million times and/or never open the DVDs once after I bought them.
    Thank you! You just made me feel so much more normal. 🙂

  • Sam

    Want mine? All my impulse tv season buys are sitting in drawer collecting dust.

  • I am a self proclaimed tv addict as well. When I buy the box sets I try to go for more oldschool collections such as I love Lucey or my fav 90’s shows like Pete and Pete. I do love How I Met Your Mother though and i understand buying that. I can’t wait till it comes back. They have some leaked footage of the show thats pretty awesome.

  • T. Paul

    I actually just reorganized my DVD shelf (which I have proudly on display for all to see) and realized I own $3,180 worth of TV shows on DVD. And, yeah, I scared myself a little. Especially when I remembered I have yet to buy Felicity, NewsRadio, Lost, and so very many other TV favorites of mine. And, my favorite yet most frusterating part of my TV on DVD collection is that I insist on having them all on my shelf in alphabetical order. And, of course, that’s not OCD enough for me, I hate separating the series into different stacks. All the Buffy’s have to be in one pile and all the Gilmore Girls in another. It’s such a challenge, like a giant puzzle of TV greatness. Just thought I’d share my highly unusual troubles. 🙂 Needless to say, I’m with you on the TV on DVD addiction, TV Addict.

  • T. Paul — I will never EVER take the time to add up how much money I’ve spent on my DVD collection. It would be far too painful an experience. Huh, I could have bought a new car! D’oh

  • No one should ever feel bad for wasting money at Amoeba. I grew up right near the Berkeley location, and I always go back and visit when I’m at my parents’ house.

    Until recently, I hadn’t owned a tv in about four years. (You can count me in as another psycho Supernatural fan. Yes, I bought a tv just to watch one show.) A couple of years ago, when I lived in Japan, I started buying huge numbers of DVD sets, and I’ve realized that a lot of shows are just *better* seen at one’s own pace on DVD. It’s ruined me for normal tv!

  • Ace

    TV on DVD is the most useful thing ever. I love it. I’m not an addict because the only one I own is the first season of the O.C. But, with that said, a way to avoid buying them is renting them. Any show that I want to watch, I will put it in my netflix cue and watch it that way. I can watch the season how I want to, AND I’m not out 50 bucks. But, on the real, gilmore girls is the best show to watch in sequence without interruption. It’s so much better without ads. That and 24.

  • Jane

    I discovered the local library has tv dvd’s which I can borrow for free.

  • jessica

    I totally agree. In fact I have a bilingual obsession. not only to I get tv on dvd but telenovelas (spanish soap operas) as well.

  • Dave

    I now have 2 walls of my home office covered with DVD’s and tapes mostly movies but especially old time sci fi series such as those by Irwin Allen – can’t figure out how to break the addiction to buying DVD’s