Thanks to a disappointing third season (particularly the latter half), I had high hopes for last night’s penultimate episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. But as is the case with most two-parters — the real surprise will come next week. Where it seems we’ll be meeting another Cylon model — who (gasp!) has been on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA the entire time! So let’s go through the suspects shall we.

Colonel Tigh: He’s hearing strange voices. While that’s not too surprising, considering he’s a complete drunk — could the Cylon’s have planted something in him while he was in captivity on New Caprica. For that matter, could Anders have the same problem? The only people who seem to hear strange voices were on New Caprica. That said, Tigh’s been through complete hell, having to kill his wife, losing his wife et al. There’s no way he’s a bloody Cylon.

Dr. Baltar: Too obvious (in spite of the fact that he’s seemingly evolved into BATTLESTAR’S version of ‘Jesus’). The writers of BSG would never spend three years building up the most complex and morally ambiguous character on television just to have his actions explained by the fact that he’s a Cylon.

President Roslin: In the world of television (and at times in real life — see Bush/Cheney), it’s never the person in power who’s the traitor, it’s the second in command. There’s no way Roslin is a Cylon, but her Chief-of-Staff Tori, well she’d be the ideal Cylon spy. Wouldn’t she?

Tori: How much do we really know about Tori? Aside from the fact that personal hygiene doesn’t seem to be her strong point and she has an almost scary single-white-female vibe around the President, not very much at all. Add to the list is last night’s observation by Roslin that she’s been acting awfully ‘strange’ lately. We may have a winner! and an ideal candidate to come out of the Cylon closet.

Lee Adama: Speaking of acting strange. Not only did Lee throw away his military career to defend an accused mass murderer, but he also seems to have some seriously secret abilities when it comes to designing clothes. Did you see that suit? Talk about ensuring his place on Galactica’s Best Dressed List 2007!

Sam Anders: Our final suspect. Anders being a Cylon would make sense. For one, he heard the music/voices that Tori and Tigh heard. But more importantly, with Starbuck ‘dead’, the writers need a reason to keep Anders around (as Ronald D Moore has mentioned on his BSG podcast that he’s a big fan of the actor who portrays Anders). Making him a Cylon would definitely give him an integral role to play in the fourth season.

So there they are, the unusual suspects. Post away with your guesses and assuming you’re right, be sure to check back next week to lord your BATTLESTAR GALACTICA genius over everybody else. (And as a courtesty to the rest of us, please don’t post spoilers if you do indeed know the outcome of next week’s season finale.)

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  • Realyn

    my pick are tigh, anders and tory because of the music.

    number 4 could be the chief. remember the final 4 pic from the opera house?The “Big guy” looked 100% like tyrol

    and yeah, no way its roslin or baltar

  • the-good-shepherd

    Doctor Cottle is on top of my list….. remember when the D’Anna-Cylon said to the last of the final five “I’m so sorry!”, Why would she say so, if she hadn’t done wrong to that mystirous member of the final five earlier on the show…
    I remember one episode when she accused the doctor of letting Hera die or something like that, is it possible that she had some remorse because she had talked disrespectfully to him…
    Another High-Candidate is Colonel Tigh since they took his right eye, wouldn’t it be reasonable to say “I’m so sorry” for that?!?!

  • Realyn

    Another thing about Tigh: He is Cylon hater number 1, wouldn´t it be cool if HE is indeed a cylon?

  • theTodd

    In the trailer for next week’s episode, it sounds like Anders is saying “We are cylons” which infers that he and at least one other character will be revealed as Cylons next week.

    If I had to guess, I’d say it is the ones who are hearing the music (Tigh, Anders, and Tori), but I agree if they made Tigh a Cylon, that would be pretty dumb considering his long friendship with Adama. It doesn’t make sense that they can somehow make a “skin-job” out of an existing human, and I REALLY hope they don’t go there.

  • paketep

    Wouldn’t it be nice if EVERYONE in the fleet were Cylons? 😉

  • Tim

    I don’t think Tigh is even a possibility. His personal history with Adama almost makes it impossible since they didn’t have skin jobs back then.

    Also, I still think Baltar is a Cylon. I know most people think it’s too obvious, but I just think it makes sense. He has the ability to project his environment like the Cylons, he has a “head” Six that has often had info that he didn’t posses, and helped him accomplish a goal. How else could that be explained?

    My theory is that he will be revealed as a Cylon and they will make the viewers think that he is supposed to be the big reveal and then we will find out that another character we know is a Cylon, as well.

  • Tim

    Also, I have to say that this is the hardest it has EVER been for me to stay spoiler free. I went through a spoiler phase a couple of years ago, and it ruined my enjoyment of shows that I liked. Ever since I have stopped it has been fairly easy to stay away from spoilers, but now I am DYING, knowing that info I want is out there somewhere.

  • the chief can’t be cylon or his wife is a cylon too. Because you know, there would be a lot of fuzz about a half human half cylon baby (the chiefs baby)

  • Erica

    Why would all the rebel leaders (Tigh, Chief and Anders) be cylons? And if so, wouldn’t Roslin (also a rebel leader) have to be one too?

  • Tom

    Starbuck, anyone? The painting of the Eye of Jupiter in her appartment isn’t quite explained yet, is it? Wouldn’t it be possible she makes a shocking reappearance in the last – say – five minutes of the season finale? Are there too many question marks in this post? Huh?

  • Barrett

    It’s going to come out that Chief & Cally’s baby is not the chief’s. Cally cheated on the Chief, so the baby is 100% human and expendable.

  • Cavendish

    They are all Cylons, except for Dr. Baltar. The Cylons detroyed all of humanity in a nuclear war (how come the cities seem intact, but we clearly see a nuclear explostion during the destruction of the 12 colonies), and they are actually looking for the 13th tribe. They tried to look for them, but they decided that the only way to find them was to think like humans, i.e. Create cylons that think they are humans.

  • me

    Well, I know its past the last episode of season 3 and I know who they are but i think in season 4 starbuck will be revelled a cylon because she probebly died from her ship exploding so if she did she must be a cylon because she was alive in the last episode of season 3

  • I

    1.D’anna biers
    6.Number six

    this is my guess of the 12 human cylons

  • I

    could be starbuck 2