Positive News for 30 ROCK

In an interview with Broadcasting & Cable, 30 ROCK creator and star Tina Fey revealed that she recently got a positive vibe from NBC that the network is expected to bring back the brilliant but ratings starved comedy for a second season. Said Fey in an interview to B&C:

“I literally just got off the phone with [Reilly], and he still tells me he will do everything in his power and feels strongly about it. We really are lucky to be one of the handful of shows he feels personally responsible for—us and Friday Night Lights.”

Keeping 30 ROCK and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS are a good first step, but this TV addict would also like to see Reilly give STUDIO 60 a second season as well. That and get on the phone to the Donald and tell him, “You’re Fired!”

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  • thawtful1

    Kudos to thetvaddict.com for its stalwart support of Studio 60. The 6 to 7 million viewers of this show, not to mention the additional uncounted folks who watch it on NBC Rewind and via Itunes (S60 Itunes downloads rank in the top 10 for at least 5 days after they air!), are going nuts while waiting for the show to come back on!

    If NBC takes the show off the air, you can kiss my ever watching NBC again – No Deal, thank you.

  • Well in good news for STUDIO 60, THE BLACK DONNELLYS are not making much of a ratings impact on Monday night (even though I’m enjoying the show). In addition STUDIO 60 does have one of the most affluent audiences on TV — which advertisers like. In case you’re wondering, the least affluent are big fans of reality TV.

  • T. Paul

    I love Studio 60 too, but from Reilly’s standpoint, the show started out with awesome numbers. Then it skyrocketed down from there. Millions of people have sampled the show and decided they don’t like it. There’s not much sense in picking it up.
    Then there’s a show like Friday Night Lights that slowly gains viewers, but when it does, they stick around. It has potential to grow. But, TV Addict, it’s actually very refreshing to hear someone so vocal about saving Studio 60. It seems like you’re in the unfortunate minority on this great show.

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