Another HEROES Death is Coming

In a recent interview with SCI FI Wire, HEROES creator Tim Kring revealed that the first season finale will be comprised of the last three episodes of the season, and will culminate with all of the main characters converging on New York City to stop an ‘exploding man’. Not surprisingly, the final episode is titled, “How to Stop an Exploding Man,” and will feature yet another major character death. While Kring wouldn’t elaborate on who would die he did add that,

“It became very important that if we were going to set up the stakes of a villain and a conspiracy, the stakes would just not be real unless there were some deaths along the way. But the one caveat is, on a show like Heroes, you may not always [stay] dead. And with our ability to go back and forth in time, you may be dead, but you may show up on the show a few more times.”

Needless to say, we at can’t wait for HEROES to return on April 23 and are very curious as to which hero is set to join Simone and ‘Google girl’ on the other side. Post away with who you think’s going to die, or at the very least, which hero you could live without (our pick, one of Niki’s personalities!).

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  • drax

    Well I wish I could say it was Niki and/or DL because their arc is frankly boring, but I’m going to have to go with Peter. His ability to absorb the others powers simply makes him too darn powerful and he’ll become a deus ex machina for the writers.
    It’s a shame coz I kinda got the feeling, from his chat with Future Hiro in the subway, that those two were friends in his timeline and I was looking forward to seeing that develop, but I honestly can’t see how the writers can let Peter live and still deliver plots with even a modicum of suspense.

  • Tim

    All they have to do is have his memory wiped, then he doesn’t even realize he can absorb powers again. It might be a little lame, but it would work.

    Also, am I missing something? Who is “google girl”?

  • Linda B.

    Tim Said: Also, am I missing something? Who is “google girl”?

    I was wondering that myself. I thought maybe it was Hiro’s girlfriend in the diner, but i don’t remember the nickname “google girl”.

  • Google Girl is what the HEROES fans online nicknamed the adorable waitress who fell victim to Sylar in the diner Hiro and Ando visited.

  • the-good-shepherd

    Well whoever dies will join Eden as well as “Google Girl” and Simone, or did you just forgot about her….
    I think that Hiro’s death would be the biggest shocker on tv history, i really love his charakter, but i’m afraid that since he’s the one one you would least aspect to be dead, he won’t make it to season two…….
    I can’t even imagine Heroes without him, but on the other hand he can – just like Tim Kring said – come back whenever he’s needed…

  • JennyC

    My guess will be Ando. How long can a sidekick last in this series? Since Tim said Hiro would be central for next season, Ando may survive or his death may play a role in how Hiro would respond going in to the next season.

  • Linda B.

    My guess is for Isaac. He’ll have to pay for killing Simone.

    If it’s Claire, i’m not watching anymore. I love her!

  • flasH’.

    nah i think it will be hiro he will vs sylar and die but his other future self will have a part is heroes l8er

  • Isaac, for sure. As for Ando, he probably works for Nakamura or Linderman and was teamed with Hiro (you know.. a ‘normal’ to go with a ‘hero’.)