CBS Monday is Almost Perfect

Perhaps I’m getting old, but five years ago you would have never heard me utter the following sentence: CBS Monday is pretty darn funny and is oh so close to providing viewers with one fantastic night of comedy. Starting at 8PM we had another hilarious installment of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, followed by the brilliant Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE, a silent pause representing zero laughter for TWO AND A HALF MEN (the ‘half’ being the amount of times I laugh during an episode, assuming I could sit through an entire one — which I can’t), ending off the night with the quietly improving RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER started off on the right foot and kept getting stronger throughout the episode. As usual, Barney stole the show (and most of Ted’s belongings) as he did everything in his power to ensure that Ted and Robin didn’t move in together. Honestly, who would have ever expected Barney to be so right? Ted and Robin moving in together would not only have been bad for the relationship, but it would have hurt the show as well. The Ted—Marshall—Lily dynamic is one of the aspects that make the show great, and having Ted move out would have taken some of that chemistry away. Additionally, it would have created two solid couples with one single, sarcastic womanizing outcast (Barney) — CBS already has RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, and let’s face it, single and sarcastic is all David Spade knows.

Over on the NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE, I quite literally laughed out loud as Christine took more pleasure in voting for AMERICAN IDOL than her local election. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is comedic gold, add to the mix Wanda Sykes and the two mean mommies and you’ve got me laughing everytime.

[Moment of silence for TWO AND HALF MEN. The silence representing the fact that I detest this show with every fibre of my being. How great would THE CLASS look at 9PM next season?]

CBS ended off the night with RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, a comedy that’s slowly grown on me simply based on the like-ability of the cast. I’ve always been a David Spade fan (I can’t help it, he makes me laugh) and I have really grown to appreciate the chemistry between Patrick Warburton (Jeff) and Megyn Price (Audrey). Was Audrey’s idea to take all Jeff’s old tshirts and create a quilt not brilliant? Missed the episode and looking to make your husband really happy? (or make room in your closet for all your shoes?) Check out Jeff’s Quilt

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  • I missed every bit of TV Monday night. I was out of town for a live music show, and City Light and Power picked that night to replace the power poles next to my apartment, so I had no juice to run the VCR.

    I’ll watch 24 Wednesday on Newfoundland TV. I’ll try to avoid that entry

  • Jon

    I feel the same way about CBS Monday nights…sort of. I LOVE LOVE LOVE How I Met Your Mother. And I find it strange that I don’t find Alyson Hannigan that attractive when nude.

    I’m not much a fan of The New Adventures of Old Christine. Sorry, it’s just not that great. Much like the show it leads into, Two and a Half Men, it’s not all that funny, and I fail to see the hype behind either show. Believe me, I’ve tried.

    Ending the night, I quite enjoy Rules of Engagement. Patrick Warburton slays me. And the whole cast has amazing chemistry. Watching the show, however, makes me feel guilty. As much as I like RoE, I know that it will bring about the downfall of The Class. And I seriously want The Class to come back in the fall.

  • Jennifer

    I agree with HIMYM, probably one of the best comedies on TV these days. What I like about it is that one character doesnt “make” the show it is the relationships between the entire cast that makes the show work. Yes Barney is a huge part of that but really without Ted, Lily or Marshall would he be that funny? Im not sure. I really enjoy the New Adventures of Old Christine and have those set on my TIVO season pass. I have never watched Two and a Half Men and have no idea how it gets the ratings that it does. I have not watched ROE and just doesnt interest me, David Spade doesnt thrill me. As for the Class, I truely like this show and hope it gets picked up again for next year. I think as the season went on they really found their groove and the show just got better and better. Hopefully CBS will have faith in the show and give it a chance to grow its audience.

    My biggest question is why do all the networks put the good shows on Monday? My two TIVOs are working overtime.