American Idol ‘Crying Girl’ Revealed

The identity of Sanjaya’s ‘crying fan’ has been revealed. According to AMERICAN IDOL producers, the 13 year old tearjerker was Ashley Ferl, a ‘lucky’ audience member who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. According to producers, the Ferl family was actually on the lot to attend a taping of ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5th GRADER, which granted her access to an IDOL rehearsal taping. Naturally, when the taping began, the powers that be couldn’t help but notice Ashley’s enthusiastic (to say the least) reaction to some of the contestants. Leading them to extend an invitation to Ashley for the actual taping, where of course she became the real star of the night.

This TV Addict’s question — Are the Idol producers going to be kind enough to pay for Ashley’s therapy bills when she discovers the harsh reality of reality television? Does Ashley realize that she’s going to be known as the ‘crying girl’ for the rest of her life and kids at school are going to have a field day with this? Sadly, the honeymoon will wear off in about, fifteen minute and counting. Stay Tuned…

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  • Common Sense

    But Lulu was GREAT tonight, wasn’t she????? Wow.

    I almost cried myself! (ok, not really)

  • I just want to set the record straight to everyone out there. Ashley was there specifically for American Idol (with her Mom and three friends)… it wasn’t a serendipitous work of “luck”. The Fifth Grader show was weeks back and they had come back specifically for their opportunity to be at the American Idol rehearsal.

    She was also sitting in the audience with her best friend (sitting to her left/camera right). Her Mom and other friends were in the VIP room because they only gave them two seats for the live show. I know Ashley. She is a sweet girl (as well as my niece) and the two of them just love American Idol and were so excited they had been on the show, my niece called me afterwards to have me watch the show here on the West Coast (I personally don’t watch). I personally think they overdid on the Ashley close ups.

    Ashley and my niece love American Idol so much they want to try out when they are old enough. I find it sweet and it gives them something to dream about. I just hope the venom I see out there about Ashley isn’t as bad three years from now when they are old enough to try out.

    I agree with this blog, I am very worried that Ashley’s lovable tears are being manipulated to get ratings for the show and votes for a “star” (but probably not Idol) the show wants to put on tour. Part of me feels sorry for my niece that she’s not getting all the attention like Ashley. But then again, no I’m not. She’s a great kid and doesn’t need people berating her for being on TV showing her emotions. America could actually learn a few things from Ashley.

    By the way, stay tuned for Ashley on the Today Show tomorrow morning. I sinceerely hope they treat her well and she has a great time in New York!




  • The Slapster

    Uncle: You had better be “worried that Ashley’s lovable tears are being manipulated to get ratings for the show” if you’ve got a lick of common sense, and it sounds like you do indeed. Anybody who thinks this show, and the rest like it, are truly impartial results of viewers’ voting and preferences are deluded, at best.

    Of course the producers are going to milk every single opportunity out of unsuspecting audience members, contestants & viewers to get the ratings & ad dollars as high as possible. And you can bet they don’t give 2 damns about the consequences for those people either. Good luck to Ashley, if nothing else this may well be a lesson on Life’s Harsh Realities for her.

  • Michael

    It is clearly over the top and more of a young girl looking for attention. Personally i think it detracts from the show and is tasteless. It really has no value ad and makes you wonder what lengths others will go to in order to get on camera, whether it be american idol or anything else for that matter.

    and she is not a star

  • Glenna

    I dont know, I kinda agree with Ashley, I cry that hard everytime sanjaya sings!!

    Really, I think it was a put on, I mean come on, crying over Sanjaya is one thing (if your 13, you’d almost have to be) but crying over the rest of them as well? Once I seen her crying over Melinda I knew then it was a put on, I agree with Michael, people go to great lengths to get on camera! and hey, she did it! Kudos for Ashley!!

  • Heather

    Ashley got what she wanted….attention. Plain and simple. Pretty pathetic that kids that young think they have to sob on national television to get some kind of recognition. Maybe the parents should parent instead of buying the kids affection by buying tickets to something a 13 yr old should really give a crap less about. Ashley, you should be playing with barbies and having fun with your friends….not crying over some freak on tv.

  • Why do people care about this?

  • Why was Sanjaya let on that show anyway?