Live Blogging LOST (Episode 13, Season 3)

10:00PM: Phew, I honestly didn’t think I’d make it home in time. Just in time… the much anticipated Locke Flashback! It better be good.

10:04PM: Hmmmm is Matthew Fox auditioning for WE ARE MARSHALLS (part deux)? Does Locke’s office remind anyone else of Dunder Mifflin? “This is going to be more complicated then we thought?” says Locke — What exactly isn’t complicated on LOST island?

10:13PM: What does Locke want with a submarine? I will say this for LOST — I may have absolutely no idea as to what’s really going on, but the show’s certainly exciting.

10:16PM: Commercial thoughts: CHILDREN OF MEN was completely overrated! I missed the IDOL results show. Sanjaya better have been voted off.

10:23PM: Does anyone else think Locke’s ‘father’ is the man from Tallahassee?

10:25PM: Kate and Jack in a room together. Will they ask eachother questions to find out what the Frak’s going on… or just talk about their ‘feelings’? Great how they’re just talking in vague generalities… how about, “Jack, do you know what the connection between the others and dharma is?” No, we’ll just gaze into eachothers eyes.

10:28PM: Fun Games Room! The Others village doesn’t seem like such a bad place.

10:35PM: Interesting… Ben isn’t recovering as fast as he anticipated. I wonder why. Seriously, I have no idea.

10:37PM: Locke it seems is more of a believer than Ben… interesting. The box where anything appears sounds eerily like the ‘smoke monster’.

10:45PM: Can someone explain how it took Rousseau 16 years to find her daughter, while the Losties managed to do it in 80 days?

10:48PM: Jack should kill Locke. Nuff said.

10:50PM: WOW, so that’s how Locke ended up in a wheelchair… yup that would do it. I’m almost surprised he’s even alive.

10:54PM: We still don’t know who the man from Tallahasse is? Any guesses… we’ll probably find out in what, two or three seasons. That or at the very end of the episode!

10:55PM: I competely get being sad you’re in a wheelchair — but shouldn’t Locke just be thankful he’s alive!

10:56PM: Ben and Locke… talk about an unholy alliance.

10:59PM: Okay, I sort of called it…. at 10:54… the final shot of the episode! No need to applaud.

11:00PM: How amazing does next week’s episode look? Forget the media backlash, LOST is definitely on a roll… regardless of the fact we get no answers. The show’s been exciting, and that’s enough for me. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by with a special thanks for Todd W and Sean Juan for taking the time to comment.

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  • Maybe he thinks the survivors can use the submarine to get home. Or, maybe he just wants to take the advantage of having a submarine away from the Others. Or, since he seems to be the only person who likes being on the island, maybe he wants to sabotage/destroy the sub so that no one could potentially use it to bring help to the island.

  • Todd — I’m not sure what Locke’s deal is… but I can’t help but feel that he’s only looking out for himself.

  • Wouldn’t Sawyer be the man from Tallahassee?


    I loved Children of Men. Granted, the story was pretty basic in some places and confusing in others, and I would have liked more closure, but I was thoroughly blown away by the directing & cinematography.

  • I agree. You’d think just once, one of the survivors would ask an Other, “Just what exactly is the deal with you people.” Granted, they wouldn’t get a straight answer, but I’d have a little more respect for a survivor who at least bothered to ask.

  • Children of Men…. I simply expected more…. ABC Thursday looks so good this week.

  • Children of Men = Best movie of 2006

  • Funny how Locke started off being the coolest character on this show. Now he’s one of the most annoying and counterproductive.

    Is Sawyer’s dad still alive? If so, I almost wonder if Sawyer and Locke are brothers since both Locke’s dad and Sawyer are con men.

    So, Locke got thrown out of an 8th floor window. As the guys from Mythbusters would say, “Well, THERE’s your problem.”


    …we have to wait til “early 2008” to see it. BOOOO!

  • plinstrot

    Todd – the original Sawyer was not James’s father but a conman who took all his money which led him to kill his wife and himself. or something like that.

  • lji001

    Have we ever seen the original Sawyer? Is there any way that Sawyer was one of the aliases that Locke’s father used?

  • the man from tallahasse was lock’s dad.. i thought tht was made clear at the end of the episode