PRISON BREAK Picked up for a Third Season

According to a press release just received by, FOX has picked up a third season of the hit drama PRISON BREAK. The action-packed series stars Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller as on-the-lam brothers Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield, who plotted and executed an elaborate escape from a maximum-security prison after Lincoln was framed for a sensational murder. The current second season finds the brothers and six additional escapees on the run from a government conspiracy that is determined to make sure none of them stays alive long enough to return to prison. The series will have its second season finale Monday, April 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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  • How odd that a show based around an escape from prison can/will last two years after the actual escape has happened.

    I thought it would be a stretch to continue the series after the escape, but they’ve made it work, and oddly, there may still be just enough story left to fill a third season. But, if they go for a fourth, then things really will be getting ridiculous.

  • I sort of regret jumping off the PRISON BREAK bandwagon this season. I’ll have to catch up over the summer.

    And Todd W.. note that even though it’s been ‘two years’ PRISON BREAK is running on ‘LOST’ time… in their world it’s only been a few months

  • Dominique

    I stopped watching PB this season… I think a month ago or so. I wonder if I will try to catch up this summer. I am not sure. I think I stopped watching when the brother of the president killed himself and he was the one who could have make everything OK for Michael and Lincoln and I was like OK it would have been too easy I guess so they had to kill him. After that I was done and even Michael and Sara have lost their magic to me.

  • Yeah, I should have said two seasons instead of two years. I haven’t forgotten that. In fact, the last episode mentioned “today’s” date as June 15. In one of the season 1 scenes in Fox River, there was snow on the ground in the prison yard. That puts at least part of season 1 between December and February (maybe March, at the latest, since we’re talking about up north). The current season is probably taking place in 2006, maybe even 2005.

    On Lost, Flight 815 crashed on 22 September 2004. I think a character recently mentioned being on the island either approximately or exactly 80 days. That puts the current timeline around mid-December 2004. I wonder if there’s a very special Christmas episode in Lost’s future. 😉 New Year’s celebration, island style? Groundhog Day — will the smoke monster come out of its hole and see its shadow; if so, six more weeks of mysteries without answers? 😉

  • lsandy

    Can anyone verify when PB will return for its third season? From what I gleaned at the Fox website, it won’t be until Sprin 2008! Talk about being jerked around. I will have forgotten the intricacies of the plot by then. Aftre being a faithful viewer, I think I’ll abandon ship after being ignored for so long. Anyone know anything?