VERONICA MARS: What Happens in Season Four?

With Rob Thomas working hard to convince the powers that be to give VERONICA MARS a fourth season, we at thought it only appropriate to lend Rob a hand. After-all, the MARS mastermind has worked tirelessly for three seasons to give us one of the best female protagonists on television. Does he not deserve a break?

So here’s the idea. Remember those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books from your childhood? (I know, ‘books’ I’m a TV addict! What are books?) We’re going to create our own ‘Veronica Adventure’ for season four.

So here we go, presents VERONICA MARS: FBIβ„’ (working title for season four)

Scene 1: The camera zooms in on a gorgeous Veronica, dressed in full cap and gown accepting her diploma. Putting three years of college, a year at FBI training and counltess solved mysteries behind her, Ms. Mars is now trained and ready to become a full-fledged FBI agent. Camera pans to the audience as Keith, Logan, Wallace, and Weevil are happily applauding.

Scene 2: Veronica heads off to her first day at FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. (Veronica working in our nation’s capital allows for some fantastic story-lines and undercover opportunities). Imagine Veronica: the young naive Senate page trying investigating a Capitol hill sex scandal! The adorable blonde White House intern trying to uncover an information leak! An intrepid reporter trying to break a story! Well, you get the idea. Pretty much the possibilities are endless as no one does undercover better than Veronica Mars (With Mac playing Chloe to Mars’ Jack Bauer).

Scene 3:Veronica quickly discovers that the real-world FBI isn’t so different then high school β€” full of cliques, back-stabbing and political maneuvering. Luckily, Veronica is thrilled to discover her mentor is none other than Lucy Lawless (The FBI agent from season two’s Duncan disappears story-line*).

Scene 4: A supportive boss, Mac at her side, everything looks great. But this my friends is VERONICA MARS, where nothing is as easy as it seems. The first bit of our adventure begins and now it’s time for YOU TO DECIDE which characters are part of Veronica’s team.

Is it the nerdy ‘always playing it by the book’ FBI agent who will be on Veronica’s back the entire season ensuring she plays by the rules? Or the hot blond nemesis (think: Madison Sinclair) who loves to stir up trouble? Or the ‘love interest’ for Veronica who starts off as a shallow handsome himbo but evolves into Veronica’s new soul mate?

Scene 5: Veronica’s first crime scene. As Veronica steps across the yellow police tape [dramatic pause] she’s shocked to discover that someone close to her has been murdered! YOU DECIDE who’s been killed. This TV Addict’s two cents: The murder victim has to be either Keith, Logan, or Wallace. We all know from past seasons that VERONICA MARS works best when Veronica (and the audience) is emotionally invested in the case (did anyone care about the murder of Dean O’Dell?). The murder of Logan, Keith, or Wallace will certainly resonate with both the audience and Veronica.

What happens next? Who’s killed? What’s the motive? You decide! Post away in the comments below. And Mr. Thomas, no need to thank us, we’ll settle for an executive producer credit.

*Thanks to reader Tim G for the idea!

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  • Rae

    Man. This makes me want to pull out my old Choose Your Own Adventure books. I’d love to have a Veronica Mars based one to read!

  • I should probably trademark the idea? No! Readers… you’re my witness… πŸ™‚

  • John

    The murder victim can’t be Keith.

    However, I can get support a dead Logan mystery (as long as he stays dead).

  • Riana

    Sorry, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around ‘hot blond nemesis’ and Madison Sinclair in the same sentence.

  • Kara

    Am I the only one who’s just ready for the show to go? I loved it too, but this season has been lackluster, and the ideas for Season 4 sound terrible. Major revamping never works out. I’m okay with just having 3 seasons.

  • Amy

    I must say that I sort of agree with Kara. I’ve loved VM from the start and have watched all the episode’s at least 20 times each but this season has been lacking in most of things I love about that show and I just don’t know if the FBI thing will really work for the show. I do like the idea of someone close to her dying though.

  • Jenny

    roflmao That was hysterical! πŸ˜€

  • What’s that tiny little text at the bottom? Is that…credit? Did you just give me credit?!

    *runs to check the temperature in hell*

  • filmtx

    I give it a go: Veronica’s boss lady, Ms. Xena, is not supportive of her new agent. In fact, she still harbours some degree of resentment towards Veronica because she couldn’t prove Veronica’s involvement in Duncan/Coma Baby’s disappearance even though her gut tells her Veronica was involved. This leads to a tense relationship between Veronica and her boss right off the bat. But Veronica has a lot of support on her side as well – including Mac and Max, who are also working for the FBI in the cyber-crime division. Veronica is assigned to work in the SoCal branch, which means she can investigate in her own backyard. Weevil goes back to his gang ways, but is always there to lend a hand or offer Vee some tidbit of info from the streets. Keith, who lost the race for sheriff after his infidelity was leaked to the press, gets killed by what appears to be a bail jumper. But Veronica is certain there’s more to it than that. At the funeral, she reconnects with Logan, who is heavily involved in a gambling ring that Veronica suspects is responsible for her father’s murder. She uses her connection with Logan to get into the gambling ring and finds his killer. Of course, being around Logan again revives many of her feelings for him that she thought had died years before. Will she be able to have a relationship with Logan this time? Or will her inability to trust and open herself up emotionally cause her to lose the love of her life… again? Stay tuned…

  • filmtx

    I forgot to mention… Although Keith is departed, we still see him from time to time in flashbacks from various times in Veronica’s life – imparting wisdom from the grave as she solves crimes in her daily life. Also, Wallace would still be around, although not as much because he is too busy being the new hot shot basketball coach for Neptune High. His primary function would be to keep Veronica rooted down and never letting her forget who she is. A marshmallow.

  • Chelsea

    Film, I really like your ideas and I was totally envisioning your VM as I was reading it. I had a different suggestion for who dies, only because my little heart would not be able to stand losing Daddy Mars. I’m thinking that it’s Wallace who dies–he left college early and entered himself into the NBA draft, got drafter, and has gone pro. He hasn’t even played ball for a year, but has fast become America’s new superstar. Two hours after a game ends, a janitor is cleaning the locker rooms and finds Wallace dead in the showers… Haven’t quite decided how Wallace dies, but Veronica will figure that out and search for the truth.

  • Thelma

    I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure Books. This is a great caption. As long as most everyone comes back to the VM universe, then I am fine with the show fast forwarding. As for the murder mysteries, it would either be Keith or Wallace. I am a hopeless romantic and want Logan and Veronica together at the end of the show. Realistic no? But it’s tv not life!

    However, instead of killing off any of those characters why not kill off Lianne Mars. Veronica’s mom has gotten in touch with her daughter again after a number of years. Either V returns the calls or doesn’t but she feels bad about the relationship they could have had. Then have the suspects include the Kanes (both Jake & Celeste), Keith (of course he wouldn’t do it) or someone not mentioned.

    I just hope that the show gets another season because I am not ready to see the story end.

  • Christy

    I agree with what filmtx and thelma said. I defintly think the third season wasn’t quite as good and one and two, but I still don’t want to see it end at three seasons. I also like the idea of Logan staying in the picture and romantically getting back with Veronica, but having some compition there that happens to work with Veronica. I would also like to see Duncan somehow come back for atleast a few episodes. Things and feeling between him and her were left wondering. I don’t like Parker and Logan together. I would also like to see Mac and a few of the regulars from season one and two more in the picture, more often somehow. Veronica and Logan need to quite doing things to sabotage their relationship when their finally in one, so it will work out at the end of season four…if there is one.

  • Don B

    I, for one hopes that Veronica returns for a 4th season as an FBI Agent
    I have appeared in several of her episodes as a background performer and I would enjoy working with her again in season 4

  • Debbie

    This is great! I like Chelsea’s idea! I can’t imagine not having my LoVe to watch and cheer for! And for those happy to let it end at season 3, well as sad as it would be, they can just not watch, I don’t want it to end! I hope that doesn’t sound horribly rude, I just don’t want to say goodbye!

  • xDebriceX

    I love ye’re ideas n i agree with the majority of ye i do not wanna see veronica mars end in a 3rd season. its didnt end rite to be the finale anyway. n i am also a pure romantic. i wanna see logan n Veronica back 2geather again they are just soooo cute 2geather. i also agree that Duncan shud come back for a few epesodes n see Logan n Veronica back 2geather again something like that!!!

  • Emily

    I love Veronica Mars. It’s the best show ever and i agree that the ending of the third season can’t be accepted as a series finale, there is too many storylines left unanswered. I think that the forth season should begin with Veronica’s internship with the FBI and she goes to a crime scene to find that either her mother or Logan have been murdered. I personally think that it should be Logan but thats just my opinion. As always Veronica investigates the murder will also interning at the FBI and then eventually back at Hearst. In the forth season you would have to have the obvious characters Wallace, Mac, Weevil and Keith but most importantly PIZ!!!!!!! Have you forgotten about him. Veronica and him are still together and will remain that way in the forth season. They are so cute together. I will be crushed if there isn’t a forth season!!!!!! I hate the idea of a comic instead of Veronica Mars the television series seriously why don’t they just change the network that its shown on, somebody would have to want to buy it.

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  • I think there should definatey be a fourth season and I think that Logan and Veronica should get back together and have them stay together!! I think the whole her being FBI thing is cool and I like what Chelsea said about the whole Wallace dieing and Veronica has to solve it thing sounds really interesting!!! PLEASE HAVE A FOURTH SEASON!!!!!! I CAN”T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!!!

  • Jennzy

    i like the idea of wallace being killed since it would have such effect because wallace a veronica are so close. or her mother. veronica and logan shuld totally out of the blue *ahem* get married *cough* get together. forever. i agree duncan shulod come back, just for a little bit, and something like piz and mac get together? i dunno, im just playing with fire. anyways you HAVE to bring veronica back, any shape or form (just not FBI thats retarded)

  • beck

    i want there to be a forth season so bad!! cant live with out it.. the ending of the 3rd pissed me off, her and logan should hav got back together, piz was cute but she needs a bad boy! i like the idea of the f.b.i thing(well only a little coz it still sounds a tad lame) but comeon people think about it if they can do another seson with her at herst that leaves room for a season 5. its true though the last season was lacking something. but im so not ready to see it go!

  • BrainyBlonde

    I totally agree! Season 3 was good, but no where near as great as the first 2. CANNOT BELIEVE the ending. Totaly LoVe fan. Was so shocked when they broke it off and had the two of them date others in the first place, let alone ending the final season not reuniteing them!!!!! Would love to see a season 4. Not quite so keen on the FBI idea but love the thought of another year at hearst. Duncan coming back would be sooooo cool, specially if it were to fight for veronica! And Logan and Veronica to get married. GREAT! Love the idea of having Lianne die that would be a twist. Dont wanna see Keith, Wallace or Logan leave though!

  • Lucia

    Oh my God!! I loved this show! I didn’t see it but until recently in DVD the 3 seasons, and I am hooked! I can’t believe they shut it down. In my ideal world, Veronica would end up with Logan, of course as intense and rocky as it has always been, but pure love also! If someone had to die, it would have to be Lianne. Duncan comes into the picture and tries to get Veronica back, she gets a little confused, but at the end the realizes that she is in love with Logan, and that Logan is the one she loves and loves her unconditionally!

  • mara

    uhmm. maybe if there is really someone close to veronica who would end up murdered i guess it should be her father, keith, so by the time she’s all alone she’d be with logan again and she’d be able to trust him and love him unconditionally.

  • L

    What about Piz being the one murdered? The homicide of a love interest is always a good motivator whilst leaving the scene open for the eventual Logan and Veronica reconciliation that most fans seem to dream of. Factor in grief, confusion and guilt over Logan who was always on her mind vs. the now dead Piz, and we’ve got enough angst to fuel a whole new season haha

  • Jenn

    Ok Logan and Veronica need to be together. Period. There should be a proposal and wedding for the two of them- a wrench can present itself in the form of Piz coming back (and either Piz or her mom need to be the murder victim, it makes the most sense without devastating the people as a whole!) Piz was sweet, but it’s Logan forever. Duncan can come back for a bit for maybe a “Veronica gets cold feet” episode, but in the end they get married, her dad loses sheriff race due to the Fitzpatrick smear campaign but due to the shadiness of the whole thing Vinny gets run out of town (evading arrest by FBI’s Veronica herself perhaps…) and Keith gets to be Sheriff anyway. Season 3 was barely lukewarm. It upset me after the two good seasons, BUT the way they ended things is BS. We need at least a TV movie, or a book series or SOMETHING to wrap this up or my life won’t be complete. Sex in the City made it happen come ON people!! There is enough of a cult following to make WB some beaucoup dollars on this movie. Tie up our loose ends!!!! Be considerate of all the followers here. Loyal fans like myself that watch her DVD VM seasons 1-3 over and over, and feels robbed again at the end every time.

    Make the movie!! I’ll go see it 3-4 times, and buy the DVD. πŸ˜‰ Plus I’ve just made fans out of my best friend, her BF and her entire family watching the DVD sets. It’s like TV crack.

  • Nikki

    Maybe it would be too early for Veronica and Logan to get married? But them getting married would be a great start if Duncan were to reappear. Duncan returning to Neptune (is that still possible??) would threaten their marriage, confusing Veronica’s emotions and all.
    Piz doesn’t even hold a candle to the LoVe tandem! But Duncan is someone very important to both Veronica and Logan, and would create the right amount of tension to make the movie interesting!
    I hope Keith and Wallace don’t get killed off. They’ve been there for Veronica since the beginning and it does not seem right if Veronica loses either of them. Killing Lianne off sounds tolerable, but what more about Lianne is there to dig up? Killing Piz is another great option. I agree with L – with Piz’s death, V and L could get back together, and this time, the tables will be turned! During season 1, it was Logan’s gf who got killed, now it’s Veronica’s bf who dies. Logan would then be Veronica’s go-to person as Logan has experienced the same kind of grief.
    Or, how about this – Duncan gets killed and Veronica and Logan have to take care of Meg’s baby? If not Veronica and Logan, how about Keith being the guardian? He’d have another little V in training!

  • Ranga

    I do agree with Nikki that Duncan should come back and gets killed but i was thinking that when he comes back in, Veronica and Logan are somewhere and Duncan comes to say hello holding hands with his daughter. He then gets a phone call and asks the two to take care of his daughter while he takes the call. When he comes back Veronica asks who it was and he says “Oh no one” like he has something to hide. Then with the bit where Veronica sees the close one dead and she sees Duncan, she gets told that the daughter is missing. So there is two cases for her to solve. πŸ˜€

  • charlotte

    i think that logan SHOULDNT die because he has fallen in love with veronica and i think she has two and it really cant be keith that would be to depressing! because she would just be to sad but wallace is a great charecter and one of her best friends so why cant someone else die like um.. i dunno just not them three because i like them ! lol thanks for listening πŸ™‚ x

  • maria

    Even though it is almost three years since Veronica Mars was on tv, I think it needs to make a return as I would love to Logan (preferably played by the same hunk) get back together with Veronica. I would also love to find out if Keith was kept as Sherrif. Oh and also it would be the perfect time for a old love intrest of Veronica’s (eg Duncan Kane) to turn up

  • Maria

    Even though it is almost three years since Veronica Mars was on tv, I think it needs to make a return as I would love to see Logan (preferably played by the same hunk) get back together with Veronica. I would also love to find out if Keith was kept as Sherrif. Oh and also it would be the perfect time for a old love interest of Veronica’s (eg Duncan Kane) to turn up.

  • abena

    you have to continue season three. i really want to know who made that video of her and piz. the way she looked at logan at the end when he apologized to piz… she loves him and we all know he’s still in love with her. so it should stay that way. i’d also like to know what jake kane has to do with the whole thing. i’m not soo sure about the FBI thing though. how about just finishing college first with cases on the side and like a main one that runs through the whole season just like the last two.

  • Chelsea

    I think they should kill off walace.
    I love Logan and Veronica, they have to get back together and have a happily ever after. Do not kill of Logan!
    Also i think Keith has almost had a death in the 3rd series with the whole plane thing, so i dont think you should kill him off.
    So the only one left would be wallace and since he’s been Veronica’s friend from the beginning, it would be really effective.

  • Stephanie

    First of all there has to be a 4th season, it cant end it just cant. I agree with chelsea wallace should be killed off. Also logan and veronica should get back together! Filmtx has a great plot for the show so what u waiting for, i think veronica mars in the fbi will be a great season so you got the fans you got the plot now get on with making it!

  • Freya

    Ohmigod! I wish they did a 4th season D: it was so annoying finding out they didn’t have one πŸ™ I wanted Logan and Veronica to get back together!! πŸ˜€ the FBI plot is awesome (: i dont think Keith should get killed off – if anyone does, it should maybe, be Wallace? Please make a 4th season!! πŸ˜€

  • Athena

    u want money?
    a kidney?
    set up a donation site?
    at least have the courtesy to make a episode in explaining what happens in the end…please?

  • Athena

    With a cherry on top ^^

  • Athena

    this is what i hate about american TV, they always cancel things in a desperate attempt to get more viewers but soon people are never going to start watching if there’s never a real ending…it drives people crazy.

  • Athena

    oh well, family guy came back after 2 and a half years…maybe V.M will…maybe :'(

  • athens dillard

    They better bring season 4 back πŸ™

  • amy

    please bring back vm its the best
    and i love logan and veronica they rock

  • babyshakeit

    I love veronica mars!!The seasons are pretty awesome! well I only seen the 1,2,and3rd and there SUPER COOL!! but i dont no about the 4th on because i still didnt see it……bt i really really want to see it, nd i hope shes gona get a SUPER HOTT boyfriend not logan again!

  • Flinpenn

    I know that this show has been off of the air for a while now but the whole ending never made sense. There were a number of series on this channel that only made it 3 years but had a number of fans who were disappointed that they were not brought back for a fourth season. I really wish that they would do like a three or four part episode that would close up the story. Maybe an epilogue of sorts so we know what happens in the end. Maybe shows like Roswell and Gilmore Girls, etc. Something that would qualify as a full season of shows that make a rap up for the fans.
    As for killing of anyone close to her I would hate to say it but as the last season ended Logan or Keith made more sense but I do believe that an attempt on Logan’s life possibly would be enough for her to realize how much she would lose and have him survive and get married at the end. However, before all of this happens he would call in trouble on one of his surf trips with Dick to Australia. They could have angered someone and now he wanted them dead.
    I would like to see Mac with her at Quantico but not with Max because I do not believe he was right for her. Logan would call her because he might think that she could help him without involving Veronica, He had no choice all of his Id and money have been stolen and he and Dick are being chased by someone trying to kill them and need to escape.
    Mac is Mac so she tells Veronica indirectly because she feels guilty and Veronica and Mac go to this place to get them out.
    When she gets there she is found by Duncan before she reaches Logan but realizes that though she cares for Duncan a lot she loves Logan and can’t let him die. I don’t know the details but maybe this killer could have ties to the Kirkpatricks in Neptune which is where her dad comes in.
    She and Mac find Logan and Dick but not before the place they are staying at blows up and they are rushed to the hospital where they are later pronounced “dead”( though not really) thus making him have to give up his fortune ( though not all of it because he had recruited Mac to set up some offshore bank accounts and other tech savy money making investments in her and Veronica’s name using his and Dick’s capital as an insurance policy and the knowledge that she would be well taken care of in life if anything had ever happened to him.
    Dick is forced to realize that he has has really lived up to his name and that he should have noticed that his brother was having trouble and how grounded Mac had made him. In all of this time Mac is stuck looking after Dick and realizes when he isn’t around his friends he actually is a nice guy and that he seems to act the way he does to cover up the fact that he is hurting. Mac gives him his new id with the hopes that it will help him to better his life and thus begins a friendship between Mac and Dick that potentially could be a romantic relationship.
    She leaves a letter for Duncan telling him how she felt about him but that they could never be together because she could not leave what she did and she was in love with someone else.
    Though I liked Piz he would end up just being a friend to Veronica in the end.
    Wallace would go on to graduate college and play ball in New York where he would pick up where he left off with Jackie. Last but not least Keith would be reelected as sheriff after Veronica finds that he was involved with the whole “Castle” fiasco and some of the confessions included information that implicated him in a number of illegal activites.
    That is my version of what happens it gives you something to think about.