BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: Fourth Season Expands and Movie News

Great, albeit surprising news for fans of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. According to TVWeek, “Sci Fi Channel has increased its fourth season order of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA to 22 episodes. The order will include a special two-hour “Battlestar” event to air during the fourth quarter of 2007 on Sci Fi, and will also be released on DVD. Previously, the network announced a reduced “Battlestar” season order of 13 episodes rather than 22. Combined with a slight ratings erosion during the show’s current third season, fans worried Sci Fi might cancel the Peabody Award-winning show.”The fourth season will premiere in early 2008.”

Quite honestly, this news comes as a bit of a surprise to this TV addict as I assumed that due to declining ratings and expensive production costs SciFi would only give Producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick fourteen episodes to wrap up the final season. I suspect high DVD sales and critical acclaim played a pretty large part in SciFi’s decision to expand BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’S fourth season. That or the head of the SciFi network really is one of the final five!

Regardless, I think a special fall movie/DVD release will do far more for the series in contrast to last summer’s ‘webisodes’. Not only will more viewers watch the special two-hour movie. It will give fans a much needed taste of our beloved BATTLESTAR prior to the January 2008 premiere of season four.

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  • The only problem is that the 2 hour “event” is rumored to not feature ANY of Galactica’s cast. Supposedly the movie will revolve around Battlestar Pegasus after the attack on the 12 colonies and before it meets up with Galactica.

    On the plus side, we get to see more of that b*^#h Admiral Cain.

  • Anna

    I heard somewhere around that if BSG were to get a full complement of episodes, it was to wrap up the series.

    But, besides that, I wish it was 13 episodes instead of 22. I’d rather see a shorter season with stronger episodes than a long, drawn out season with a bunch of filler episodes, as the third season has been.