Random TV Musings to Attract an Audience on a Rainy Thursday in TV Land

First things first — In case you were unaware, ABC switched up its schedule tonight in order to support their surprise hit OCTOBER ROAD. Thus, instead of a painful night of repeats, tonight on ABC we’ll be treated to brand new episodes of UGLY BETTY, GREY’S ANATOMY, and of course, OCTOBER ROAD. In other random news, if you’re interested in seeing a PAM BEESLEY NUDE! (also known as JENNA FISCHER from THE OFFICE) head on over to my friend Kathie at GMMR to check out some very revealing photos. Can’t get enough of nude celebrities? Kathie also has a very revealing shot of VERONICA MARS herself KRISTEN BELL. Do TV Spoilers get your more excited than nude celebs? (if so, you may be a cylon). Well click here to discover the shocking final moments of Sunday’s season finale of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Still need more TV scoop? Ausiello has yet another infuriating BLIND ITEM that may spell doom for one of our favourite comedies (SCRUBS, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, 30 ROCK? Seriously, these Blind Items drive me bonkers!). Hope my incessant use of the words ‘nude’, ‘celebs’ and tv ‘scoop’ and ‘spoilers’ were enough to peak your interest. Have a great night of TV

  • Deputy Leo as Alexis’ assistant!!

  • Linda B.

    I am doing everything in my power NOT to click on that spoiler link for BSG.

    Ugh, why did you put it there TVaddict???!!! It’s so tempting!

  • Linda – Don’t Do It! Don’t Click! You can do it!

    I myself have remained spoiler free with regards to Sunday’s BSG and I’m quite franky very proud of myself. Just think of how much more exciting the final few minutes of the show will be! (when they flash forward to one year later again! just kiddin)