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We interrupt this web site for a brief commercial break. would like to extend a thank-you to its first official sponsor ACCEPTABLE TV. ACCEPTABLE TV, from the hilarious (and somewhat warped) mind of Jack Black, will change the way you watch television. With ACCEPTABLE TV, the power is in your hands.

Acceptable.TV is a TV show, a website, and a community. The TV show airs every Friday night on VH1 at 10pm. You can WATCH five episodes of short TV shows, and one show that YOU, the Community, made. On the website, you get to VOTE for two shows you’d like to see come back, as well as vote for one new show YOU made that you’d like to see on TV next week.

Frankly, it’s theTVaddict’s dream come true. I get to play TV network head honcho (7th HEAVEN, DONALD TRUMP — You’re Fired) without having to start in the mail room at William Morris. You can check out the shows by visiting and be sure to tune in tonight at 10PM on VH1.

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  • christi leach

    I wanted to vote for teensies and mr sprinkles

  • trithumbs

    it looks a bit like a commercial version of Chanel 101. hmmm….

  • I think “Acceptable TV” rocks! You get the chance of a lifetime to make your homemade video and get on national TV! What is better? Ummmmm… Pouring suntan lotion on the Hawaiian Tropic Girls! I currently have a huge collection of video sites at and “Acceptable TV” will be added!

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