Sarah Silverman = Funny

Comedy Central’s SARAH SILVERMAN SHOW was officially the funniest half hour of television this TV addict watched all week. Forget Barney’s antics on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, or the hilariousness that was last night’s UGLY BETTY. Nothing beats watching Sarah Silverman vicariously live through her ‘fake daughter’ as she trains her to win the ‘Little Ms. Rainbow’ pageant that she’s too old to enter.

Normally, this would be the ideal place to post a clip from YouTube to help illustrate my point. But unfortunately, Viacom (Comedy Central’s parent company) in its infinite ‘wisdom’ has decided to sue YouTube for one billion dollars [insert your own Dr. Evil Impression here] — thus, no clip is available. Way to go Viacom — your ‘brilliant’ legal scheme has cost you free advertising on

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  • InvaderSteven

    I love Sarah Silverman, and have always liked her stand up and appearances before, but I hate her new show. Every time I watch it, a few more brain cells die. I can’t wrap my brain around why so many people seem to love it.

  • InvaderSteven,

    I definitely see your point, and can’t speak for the whole series as I wasn’t impressed with the season premiere, but last night’s episode was fantastic.

  • chief

    Um, that episode was a repeat? Haven’t you been watching? Shame!

  • Hey Chief… it wasn’t a repeat. I should probably clarify, up here in Canada on the Comedy Network (where Sarah Silverman airs) we’re a few weeks behind our friends to the south.

  • InvaderSteven

    For what it’s worth, I did find the episode where she meets “black god” to be quite hilarious. But most of the time, I can’t stand her in-show character.

  • anonymous

    Um, you still provided free advertising for Viacom. You just couldn’t link to a free clip of the show.

  • Dear anonymous,

    Brilliant point my friend. But my advertising would have been far more effective had I been able to post the clip I wanted to!

  • Jacki

    Agreed! My hubby and I love this show. The Little Ms. Rainbow episode was my favorite! Her fake daughter was hilarious.