The Daily Show Takes on the Viacom Lawsuit

Leave it to THE DAILY SHOW to comment on its own parent company’s stupidity. Above is a clip from last night’s episode, where THE DAILY SHOW takes on the Viacom suit and more importantly, the fact that Viacom simply doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that having their shows up on YouTube drives viewers to the television.

Note to readers, watch this now before Viacom takes it down.

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  • jo

    I got to see Demetri Martin perform live a few months ago. He is awesome.

  • Common Sense

    Sumner Redstone and Viacum are complete and utter morons. Idiots. Jerks. Buttfaces. Feces. Crapola. Drop this silly, ridiculous lawsuit before you ruin the entire online video movement altogether. Can’t some attorney or exec reason with these assinine, pompous deadheads?

    Oh, and don’t think ol’ Les Moonves is innocent in all this!! No way! Viacom and CBS are in bed together, and Les has this fascination with YouTube…or, should I say, a complete envy of YouTube? This egomaniac has got to be stopped.

  • Common Sense — Viacom owns CBS.