theTVaddict Screening Room: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS

Still reeling (in a good way) from Wednesday’s incredible episode of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS? Never fear, theTVaddict’s here… with two preview clips from next weeks episode. When the Dillon Panthers can’t play on their home field, it’s up to Coach Taylor to find another place in Dillon to play. Clip #1 shows us why Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton our this TV addict’s favourite new couple on TV. Clip #2 features Jason Street passing along his QB1 knowledge to a terrified Matt Saracen. Use the force Matt…. the force….

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  • alex

    Thanks so much for posting those clips! It looks like next week’s episode will be one of the best yet….and that’s saying quite a bit! I adore this show.

  • Jolene

    Yes! Definitely, THANK YOU for posting those clips. This ep looks like it’ll most assuredly be one of the best, if not THE best ep this season. I just love this show! Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton are the best TV couple ever, in my humble opinion anyway. They, and this show, are definitely Emmy material. Let’s hope they don’t get overlooked come award time.

  • Mary

    I vowed I would not peek at spoilers this week. All I can say, is that like Buddy Garrity, I’m only human and I’m a very weak person. What a wonderful clip. They ARE the hottest couple on tv.

  • miki

    Yes, me too. I wanted so badly to not be spoiled this week but noooo, I too am weak.
    And yeah, Coach and Mrs. Coach are all kinds of hott! Is it wednesday already?