Was anyone else incredibly disappointed by last night’s second episode of OCTOBER ROAD? While stars Bryan Greenberg and Laura Prepon are holding their own, I’m not sure even they can help prop up some of the worst writing to hit TV since the heydays of Aaron Spelling. When Greenberg starting singing showtunes outside the dean’s window, I was this close to turning off my TV. Rest assured ABC, I’m not ready to drive off this road just yet, but I’m getting awfully close.

Speaking of disappointment, last night’s GREY’S ANATOMY continued the show’s streak of mediocre episodes since the second part of the big three part February Ferry Crash. I honestly found myself bored, which is an adjective I’ve never associated with GREY’S ANATOMY. Here’s hoping one of the ‘ideas’ in Dr. Sloane’s plan to be chief included Seattle Grace becoming interesting again.

And finally SCRUBS. As much as critics and fans are quick to point out that the show is on its last legs, SCRUBS never fails to surprise. While the death of a cast member has been rumoured all season, but truth be told, I thought Jordan would be the one to go. Sure Nurse Laverne was the obvious choice, but SCRUBS rarely chooses the obvious path, and Laverne seemed almost too obvious. For six years we’ve watched weekly aspatients die in Sacred Heart. It’s going to be really interesting to see what happens next week when a true member of the family passes on.

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  • Julie

    see i really liked this episode of Grey’s it wasn’t action packed but it was more centered around relationships and i really liked it. Derek was particularly interesting to watch. Patrick Dempsey did a great job.

  • I liked Grey’s a lot but in terms of October Road I think Bryan Greenberg should just be shirtless and/or in underwear at least once per episode. Kinda like Tom Welling on Smallville.

  • Common Sense

    I literally fell asleep during October Road. Didn’t hold my interest, from week 1 to week 2, in any way.