Are You Psyched for Tonight’s BATTLESTAR Finale?

Needless to say, I’m psyched for tonight’s third season finale of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. And if this Boston Herald article is any indication, I’m not the only one who’s excited. Author Mark Perigard promises the Cylons are closer than we think.

Cries of “Holy frak!” will arise from fans all over the country after the final moments air. The “Battlestar” universe will never be the same after the revelations in “Crossroads Part II.”

Some fans will be jazzed for the new season. Others will accuse the show of jumping the shark. But no other TV show on any other network has shown such a willingness to both surprise its viewers and rip apart its own formula in such a challenging, creative way. Ronald D. Moore, executive producer/writer, refuses to take the easy route and let his cast or his viewers get comfortable.

T-Minus six hours and thirty minutes in counting (assuming you’re on the eastern seaboard!). This TV Addict’s prediction — the finale will end with a shocking Cylon reveal and a possible death. Post away with your predictions and thoughts.

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