Needless to say, if you have yet to watch tonight’s season finale of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, stop reading now, as the following contains spoilers.

If there’s one thing you can count on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA to deliver, it’s a fantastic season finale and true to form, tonight’s finale did not disappoint. Forget the return of Starbuck (more thoughts on that later), which I saw coming the second Lee Adama jumped into his Viper (loved how he grabbed his uniform as if he was putting on his batsuit!). The reason the finale left my jaw on the floor is that we actually saw Earth. We don’t have to simply take Starbuck for her word. She told Lee, “I’ve been to earth, I know where it is and I’m going to take us there.” The producers made a conscience decision to show us the planet. Earth exists! I can now sleep soundly knowing that all the hardship, death and and eye loss will be worth it in the end. Our intrepid travelers will reach earth, eventually.

In terms of that ‘other mystery’, you know, the one where there might be a cylon (or four!) on Galactica. I was quite surprised as to how it was handled. I honestly expected Colonel Tigh (never one to shy away from violence) to pull out a gun and shoot everyone in the room, including himself — with the final shot of the season panning down on a Cylon ‘regeneration bath’ as one of either Tyrol, Anders, Tigh or Tori was reborn as a Cylon. The implication that there’s not just one, but four Cylons on Galactica is stunning. I can’t wait to see how it plays out next season.

Finally, the most boring (or predictable) aspect of the finale, was the trial of Baltar (or as I’ve cleverly dubbed it, GALACTICA & ORDER). While Baltar being found not-guilty came as no surprise, I did find the way in which he was acquitted quite clever. Lee Adama’s impassioned speech with regards to the state of the fleet really made sense. Everyone in the fleet, from the President on down has seriously fracked up yet been worthy of a second chance. Why is Baltar the only citizen not to receive one? Serious kudos to the Galactica writers for finding a legitimate reason to find Baltar not-guilty. I really was wondering how they would pull that off — and they did so successfully.

Some final questions for the audience if I may….

1. Is Starbuck really alive or just a figment of Lee’s imagination (in the same way in which Six is in Baltar’s head)

2. What version of ‘All Along the Watchtower’ played over the final scene? Did you find the introduction of modern music a distraction? Do we believe it was a consciense decision by the writers considering they’ve never had modern day music in the show before?

3. What’s the deal with the Roslin/Six/Athena Opera House story-line? Honestly, I have no idea what that’s about. Somebody please explain!

4. Who’s the cylon? Tori, Tigh, Anders and/or Tyrol? (Or as some have speculated, are they all Cylons?) Update: In an interview today with Entertainment Weekly, it’s confirmed that all four are officially Cylons.

5. Remember back to the opening credits that usually play at the beginning of each episode. “They [the cylons] have a plan…” What exactly is their plan?

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  • plinstrot


  • 1. I ::think:: Starbuck is real, but I could have sworn they said she was for sure dead. Maybe I’m thinking of another show.

    2. I thought the music addition was cool. It added to the intensity, and built up to that awesome final reveal.

    3. Not sure where those are going either.

    4. I think Roslin is a Cylon…..that power outage happened the instant she started having the headache or whatever…..

    Heck of a season finale!

  • DeCloah

    The credits list Bt4 as the singer (http://www.bt4online.com/) and that good old Bear McCreary as the arranger, so it’s all original Watchtower

  • Jeff

    In answer to question 4 … all four of them appear to be Cylons … and none of them really seems to be happy about the fact.

  • I thought all 4 were Cylons..did I miss something? Kara – I can’t tell if she’s real or not? I personally LOVED the music…I was so geeked up from the moment it started. I need to watch it again in the morning.

  • I suppose the fact that they’re all ‘connected’ or hearing music means they’re all cylons… but isn’t that just a little too conveinent? I’d in fact really be disappointed if Tigh was a cylon. Especially after all he’s been through. January 2008 sure does seem far away!

  • Dax

    for all the details on the song read Bear McCreary’s blog:


  • Erica

    I’d love Kara to be Apollo’s chip-6, but I don’t think that’s necessarily where they are going. Because being a figment of someone else’s imagination doesn’t scream “special destiny” to me.

    So the Cylons were created by man. And all this has happened before. And Kara has a special destiny. And 4 of the 5 final Cylon models were rebels. And all of them have very strong protect-the-human feelings. And humans are starting to dream Cylon dreams. And the two species have interbred at least twice, if not more. And the “Temple of the Five” was built thousands of years ago, and there was something going on with Kobol and the 12 colonies and the 12 models and…

    So what the frack is going on, huh? And what the frack does it mean to be “a cylon”? I mean, Kara and Callie didn’t notice the red glow on the ceiling (or bed. 🙂 ) with the, ahem, fracking lights off?

    And Gaius has his own religion? (And his name just happens to mean “Earth”?) And he’s taking part in the opera house dreams as well?

    Man, I love this show–even when I don’t want to–but I don’t have any coherent answers. At all.

  • AshleyCorin

    Okay I love this show

    Now i have some questions

    1. Karas real i don’t think she’s a figment of lee’s imagination. She could have jump coordinates to earth.

    2. I don’t see how kara and callie missed that red glow when they were having sex but maybe the guy models don’t have one.

    3. Hera’s not the only cylon baby and cylons can breed with human women that’s crazy! And is Hera still so special if she’s not the only one.

    4. Is tyrol going to tell Callie he’s a cylon?

    5. Who is the 5th cylon it can’t be kara, but she did explode in the ship, but shes been to earth and that whole destiny thing maybe she woke up in a res pod on earth.

    6. Tyrol found the temple with that painting of the nebula the same painting that starbuck saw so she could be a cylon?

    7. When they were in the Opera house it looks like six and figment Gaius take Hera what’s up with that?

    8. Is Tory only a Cylon cause they killed Billy in season 2?

  • Quick thoughts about the Four:

    Each of them has a significant role in the direction of the fleet. They may not be the ones in command, but they’re the confessor/conscience to someone who makes the big decision:

    Tigh:Adama :: Tori:Roslin :: Anders:Starbuck :: Tyrol:Galactica

    Those four have been instrumental in getting the RTF to where they currently stand, and I don’t doubt that they’ll be key in getting the fleet to earth. It makes sense.

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  • Pinwiz… that is a great observation…

    Tigh:Adama :: Tori:Roslin :: Anders:Starbuck :: Tyrol:Galactica

  • Jason

    how did starbuck find galactica?

  • kurttrail

    I thought it was quite obvious. Starbuck was the first driven mad. Then the other four, and their devil cylon music, which drove them mad. These are the final five cylons.

    Next season will be the last. And Good Riddance! Since they left New Caprica, this season sucked. Boring!

  • Jason in the OC

    Phenomenal episode, and great observations TvAddict! To answer your questions…

    1. Starbuck is real and survived her apparent “death.” Maybe the people on Earth have helped her?

    2. I thought the music distracted and took me out of the show. A triumphant classical piece would have been nicer but the producers must have been going for some sort of shout out.

    3. Don’t think we have enough info on Hera yet, but these are all the women that have saved Hera in various ways.

    4. I think they’re all cylons.

    5. The cylons’ plan? Don’t think we know for sure but it has something to do with looking human, and acting human, but only “better” in their estimation.

  • AshleyCorin

    This music (All Along the Watchtower) was picked to be a key element in the show before this season it was not an afterthought. The words mean something and its a very cryptic song that tells a story about change I think I have to go and find the words.
    I think Roslin not Kara Is the Final Cylon they are still going to leave that one a mystery for cinematic reasons probably.
    Like seeing BoomerCylon at the end of the miniseries they spelled out for us “These peolpe are Cylons and have been from the beginning, Deal with it”

  • JaysonC

    Are you all watching the same show as me? It’s obvious Starbuck is the 5th forgotton cylon. how come no one is sees that in any commentary i have seen on this show?

    Anyway the music was awsome.