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Welcome to This Week on TV! First of all, congrats to two of my favorite shows, Men in Trees & Grey’s Anatomy, along with Brothers & Sisters, Ugly Betty, The Bachelor, Boston Legal, Dancing with the Stars, Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Jimmy Kimmel Live & Lost. They have joined America’s Funniest Home Videos, Supernanny & Wife Swap in the RENEWED FOR NEXT SEASON column. There are a lot of big things on this week, so let’s get right to it!


Sunday is all about season finales! At 8/7c on NBC, find out who are chosen to play Danny and Sandy on Broadway on the finale of Grease: You’re the One That I Want.

At 9/8c on VH1, check out the 1st season finale of The Surreal Life: Fame Games.

Then at 10/9c on SciFi, catch the explosive season finale of Battlestar Galactica. Good news (& possible bad?) for BSG fans… They upped the episode number for next season from 13 to 22. I had heard though, that if that happened, they would most likely make next season the last. I haven’t heard any more about that, so maybe it’s just rumors.

Finally, if you are lucky enough to have premium channels, catch the season finales of Rome on HBO at 9/8c and The L Word on Showtime at 10/9c.

Also on tonight:

  • Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels *Season Premiere*
  • American Dad *New Episode*
  • Blood Ties *New Episode*
  • Cold Case *New Episode*
  • Dice Undisputed *New Episode*
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition *New Episode*
  • Family Guy *New Episode*
  • Footballers Wives *New Episode*
  • King of the Hill *New Episode*
  • Paradise City *New Episode*
  • The Amazing Race *New Episode*
  • The Apprentice: Los Angeles *New Episode*
  • The Dresden Files *New Episode*
  • The Girls Next Door *New Episode*
  • The War at Home *New Episode*
  • Without a Trace *New Episode*
  • 7th Heaven *Repeat*
  • America’s Next Top Model *Repeat*
  • Brothers & Sisters *Repeat*
  • Desperate Housewives *Repeat*


Monday, check out more season finales! First up is Wildfire at 8/7c on ABC Family.

Then at 9/8c on VH1 is the season finale of I Love New York.

Finally, at 10/9c on ABC is the season finale of What About Brian. Dave and Deena’s plan for a secret getaway to renew their wedding vows turns chaotic; Natasha interrupts Brian and Adam while they are baby-sitting; overwhelmed Nicole does not have help to tend to many new customers.

Also on tonight:

  • 24 *New Episode*
  • All of Us *New Episode*
  • Dancing with the Stars *New Episode*
  • Deal or No Deal *New Episode*
  • Everybody Hates Chris *New Episode*
  • Girlfriends *New Episode*
  • IFL Battleground *New Episode*
  • Lincoln Heights *New Episode*
  • My Super Sweet 16 *New Episode*
  • Prison Break *New Episode*
  • The Black Donnellys *New Episode*
  • The Game *New Episode*
  • The Hills *New Episode*
  • The Riches *New Episode*
  • CSI: Miami *Repeat*
  • Heroes *Repeat*
  • How I Met Your Mother *Repeat*
  • Rules of Engagement *Repeat*
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine *Repeat*
  • Two and a Half Men *Repeat*


Tuesday, watch Dionne Warwick perform two songs (*gag* but ok), the 8 professional dancers perform a jive to a queen song and the lowest-scoring couple must leave on Dancing With the Stars at 9/8c on ABC.

Then stick around for a new, sappy, feel-good show called The Great American Dream Vote on a special night and time at 10/9c on ABC. Eight contestants share their dreams; a firefighter wants to open a floral shop for his wife; a prematurely bald student wants a full head of hair; an animal-rescue advocate wants to open a center for older dogs.

If those don’t interest you, check out the season finale of Dirt on FX at 10/9c. Lucy goes head-to-head with her rival Tina Harrod; Don continues his mysterious mission; Holt and Julia reach a bitter climax.

Also on tonight:

  • Dancing with the Stars *Highlight Special*
  • Driving Force *Season Premiere*
  • American Heiress *2 New Episodes*
  • American Idol *New Episode*
  • Bad Girl’s Club *New Episode*
  • Bam’s Unholy Union *New Episode*
  • Bullrun *New Episode*
  • House *New Episode*
  • King of Cars *New Episode*
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent *New Episode*
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit *New Episode*
  • The Agency *New Episode*
  • Tori & Dean: Inn Love *New Episode*
  • Two-a-Days *New Episode*
  • Work Out *New Episode*
  • Gilmore Girls *Repeat*
  • NCIS *Repeat*
  • Shark *Repeat*
  • The Unit *Repeat*


Wednesday, catch Bones on FOX at 8/7c. When a water-main bursts at a cemetary, Brennan must identify and help reinter the remains that litter the grounds.

Then stick around for the results show on American Idol at 9/8c, as Gwen Stefani performs with Akon.

Finally, stay for Til Death at 8:30/7:30c. When they receive a coffeemaker as a gift, Eddie resents Joy for not learning how to work the machine herself. I don’t care about you nay-sayers. I love this show. LOL

Also on tonight:

  • According to Jim *New Episode*
  • America’s Next Top Model *New Episode*
  • Crossing Jordan *New Episode*
  • Friday Night Lights *New Episode*
  • Halfway Home *New Episode*
  • In Case of Emergency *New Episode*
  • Jericho *New Episode*
  • Lost *New Episode*
  • Medium *New Episode*
  • Road Rules *New Episode*
  • Saints & Sinners *2 New Episodes*
  • South Park *New Episode*
  • The Great American Dream Vote *New Episode*
  • The Real World *New Episode*
  • Top Design *New Episode*
  • Criminal Minds *Repeat*
  • CSI: NY *Repeat*


Thursday, if you are a fan of The Office, there are 5 repeats on tonight! Diversity Day, Health Care and Sexual Harassment starting at 8/7c. Then following a new episode of Andy Barker, P.I. at 9:30/8:30c, there is The Injury and Gay Witch Hunt starting at 10/9c.

If you want something new, catch CSI at 9/8c. The terrified eyes and cryptic words of a murder victim haunt Sarah while she processes the house where several showgirls were killed.

Also on tonight:

  • Pros vs Joes *Season Finale*
  • Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? *New Episode*
  • October Road *New Episode*
  • Penn & Teller: Bullshit – Wal-mart *New Episode*
  • Shark *New Episode*
  • Survivor *New Episode*
  • The Showbiz Show with David Spade *New Episode*
  • This American Life *New Episode*
  • American Dad *Repeat*
  • ?

  • Family Guy *Repeat*
  • Grey’s Anatomy *Repeat*
  • Smallville *Repeat*
  • Supernatural *Repeat*
  • Ugly Betty *Repeat*


Friday, catch the new episode of Ghost Whisperer on CBS at 8/7c. When Homer the Ghost Dog spooks Delia’s golden retriever, she goes to dog whisperer Cesar Millan for guidance. Should be a great ep! lol I love Homer the Ghost Dog!

Then turn to NBC at 9/8c for Raines. When a homeless woman (Laurie Metcalf from Roseanne) is found murdered in an alley, Raines’ investigation leads to a trail of deception and fraud. I loved the first episode and well, when this airs, I’ll have seen the 2nd, but as of right now, I haven’t. So am hoping the 2nd and 3rd eps live up to my expectations!

Also on tonight:

  • Celebrity Deathmatch *Season Finale*
  • Crank Yankers *Season Finale*
  • WWE Friday Night Smackdown *Sports*
  • Acceptable TV *New Episode*
  • Close to Home *New Episode*
  • Identity *New Episode*
  • Law & Order *New Episode*
  • Numb3rs *New Episode*
  • Real Time with Bill Maher *New Episode*
  • Six Degrees *New Episode*
  • The Wedding Bells *New Episode*
  • Grey’s Anatomy *Repeat*
  • House *Repeat*

As always, your comments are more than welcome! Let me know if you like that I’m including more shows every night! Have a great week. πŸ™‚

— Jenny

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  • John

    I have seen the second episode of Raines (and the first as well) and I want to like it but I am having problems.

    One is the constant repetition that the people he sees are just in his imagination. I get it; I got it the first dozen times they said so.

    Second, other than to show that Raines is a burger shy of a happy meal, I don’t see any value in the gimmick. And since that seems to be most of the show – Raines talking to the “deceased” – I find the show dragging.

    The mysteries, as mysteries, aren’t very mysterious.

    I do like Jeff Goldblum.

  • Common Sense

    1) Joely Fisher is hilarious on Til Death. Just her “looks” say so much.

    2) Can’t wait for The Office marathon!

    3) SNL is officially DEAD after last night’s Peyton Manning episode. That had to be the
    MOST UN-FUNNY episode in the history of TV. What IS it with all those lame talk-show skits? Not even the least bit humorous, NBC!! Best thing I saw, before mercifully falling asleep, was the filmed segment with Peyton throwing footballs at kids. And even that was a B-. Note to Lorne: Amy Poehler is not as funny as you apparently THINK she is. No need to stick her in every sketch. Andy Samberg is the funniest cast member…why do I rarely see him?? Sheesh, SNL is so far behind MAD TV at this stage, it’s no contest anymore (and that’s with Mad’s depleted cast, even!).

  • TellAllTim

    I can’t wait for the season finale of Wildfire tomorrow. This has definitely been the best season to date, hopefully it will wind up with a bang.

  • Jason in the OC

    Tonight is actually the SERIES finale of “Rome.” Been a great show, sad to see it go.

  • Jenny

    Oh! I misread that about Rome. Suck! I know a lot of fans of it. πŸ™