Showtime has passed along a link to the season premiere of their latest show THIS AMERICAN LIFE. You can watch it for FREE online by clicking here. While I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, word on the street — or more specifically the internet highway — is that it’s worth checking out. Post away with your thoughts and reviews.

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  • JennyC

    I am in love with this show! I immediately went to download the audio podcast. What a great little gem on the radio that basically went unnoticed.
    I certainly love the narrator. He really doesn’t overshadow the story (such as Chris Hansen). The stories are so unique, genuine, and eclectic. I really could feel the emotions of the people interviewed such as the two men from the band. I especially was caught by surprise by the end of the bull story. The twists and turns of the story caught me off guard. Just goes to show how sometimes real life is more interesting than fiction.
    I am definitely watching this whole season.

  • Ace

    I was disappointed yet terribly appreciative. I am a hardcore fan of the radio show. I’ve listened to it for over three years now and listen to back episodes when working. I knew the stories in the first episode from the radio episode a few years ago. That said, it was an amazing television show. With having such a distinct radio presence and charm, I was concerned that they would try to glam it up too much and take away from what made the radio show so effective: its deceptive simplicity. In fact, they added to it, fleshing out stories and giving a face to stories such as the one for ghosts of pasha and improv everywhere. That story benefited from being on television because, from the radio program, it was hard to get a sense of what they were doing and how the two parties were interacting with each other. Everything that I have seen of the show has been very good, and I can only hope that they make an episode out of Jack Hitt’s Peter Pan story in Fiasco. Oh my word, best. story. ever. But that’s my personal opinion.

  • Ace

    I didn’t explain why I was disappointed. I thought they were going to be all new stories, and they weren’t. That’s the only reason I was disappointed. Otherwise, the show was amazing.