Still Frakked Up!

To quote my recent Twitter message from forty minutes ago, “I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that Col Tigh is a Cylon!” Quite honestly I think I’m still in shock. Once again, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA head honcho’s Ronald D. Moore and David Eick gave fans a head-spinning finale that will leave us talking, guessing and speculating for months on end.

I’ve spent much of the day online, reading fan reaction and interviews from around the web. Here are some of my favourites.

Executive producer Ron Moore discusses thrilling ‘Galactica’ cliffhanger Post-Gazette

”Galactica” stars talk about the shocking finale! Entertainment Weekly

BSG Composer Bear McCreary talks about the final song montage Brian McCreary’s Blog

What the Frak Just Happened! Read viewer comments direct from the uber geeks on the official Galactica Message board

For the record, my favourite theory belongs to Maureen Ryan who writes THE WATCHER for the Chicago Tribune. Her belief is that there’s been an ongoing Cylon civil war, and that in fact everyone is really a Cylon, that humanity ceased to exist a long time ago and the war has been happening over and over again. A theory that certainly makes sense if we look back at the prophecy. “All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.” How many days until January 2008?

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  • Jason in the OC

    Interesting Ron Moore interview link, guess that confirms the 4 cylons questions.

  • concernedcitizen

    you know what’s odd… people’s commentary on the finale is actually making me like it.

    as you know, i didn’t love the finale (it seemed a little to pat to me, what with the sham of baltar’s trial that they had set up for half a season only to conclude in 5 minutes of nonsense and the fact that tory of all people is now a cylon)….but, as i read the reviews and speculation, here and elsewhere, the whole episode seems to be gaining depth in my mind.

    is it the same for you?

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