Can You Spot the Fake TV Pilot?

Our friends over at BuzzSugar just posted a great challenge in order to test how much you know about what’s in development for Fall ’07. Click here to guess which pilots are real and which are fake. For the record, theTVaddict scored high enough to become a ‘network intern’. Which I’m okay with, assuming my boss isn’t one of those egomaniacal Hollywood types who like to throw things.

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  • John

    Thanks for the link.

    I am:
    Seasoned Executive
    You know that sometimes the real pitches just sound made up.

    I will be sending out resumes to the networks tomorrow.

    Also I will probably need an intern. I will keep you in mind. 😉

  • Jenny

    w00t. I’m a Seasoned Exec too John. 😀

  • tdot

    I got a Network intern!

  • plinstrot

    Seasoned Executive

  • Woohoo. I’m a seasoned executive! Damnit. I knew I should have negotiated more in my contract this year…Why am I still stuck at my old desk?

  • Vanessa

    Hooray for seasoned executive! Although the real pilots make me a bit scared for the future of television…

  • Sam

    LOL Vanessa. You have to at least admit none of them sounded boring!

  • DarcyEW

    I got Seasoned executive too, I spend way to much time on the futoncritic!

  • christine

    haha seasoned…i wonder why the tv addict got an intern….well like john said we know who to call….totally kidding