Can YouTube Revive a Failed Pilot?

YouTube is quickly becoming the go to website for failed comedy pilots hoping to be resurrected by vocal fans. Bill Lawrence gave NOBODY’S WATCHING a second life when he ‘leaked’ it onto the internet and now Jon Stewart’s hoping to do the same with THREE STRIKES.

THREE STRIKES is excutive produced by Jon Stewart and is written by writers who’ve worked on FRASIER and LARRY SANDERS. Click here to check it out and be sure to come back to and comment on whether or not Comedy Central made the right move to pass on the pilot.

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  • Sam

    There was/is actually an unseen pilot called ‘Nobody’s Watching’? Really?

  • Common Sense

    Sam, you can’t be serious. It’s become an internet sensation on YouTube. The WB passed up their most original comedy idea ever—no wonder they’re out of biz. NBC had talked about picking it up; the creator of Scrubs, Bill Lawrence, is behind the project. The guys have since done several hilarious “Nobody’s Watching _______________” web-vids, which you can see on YouTube. Will someone please pick this show up????