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This week, E! Online’s Kristin released the candidates for her annual SAVE ONE SHOW campaign. Unlike previous years, this year’s poll seems exceptionally harsh with seventeen shows on the brink of cancellation. The list includes, 30 ROCK, THE CLASS, CLOSE TO HOME, CROSSING JRODAN, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, GILMORE GIRLS, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, JERICHO, MEDIUM, THE NINE, ONE TREE HILL, SCRUBS, SIX DEGREES, STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP, SUPERNATURAL, VERONICA MARS and WHAT ABOUT BRIAN. Pretty much an impossible choice for anyone, let alone a full fledged TV addict.

That said I’ve been putting far too much thought into how I’m going to narrow down my choice and I thought I’d take a moment to share my process with you.

Elimination Round One: Shows I don’t watch
The first step is the easiest, as there happens to be nine shows on the block that for one reason or another, I simply don’t watch. Say goodbye to: CLOSE TO HOME, CROSSING JORDAN, MEDIUM, THE NINE, ONE TREE HILL, SIX DEGREES, WHAT ABOUT BRIAN

Elimination Round Two: Enjoy, but not obsessed with
Step two is a bit harder as I’m going to have to eliminate two shows that I enjoy on a semi-regular basis, but aren’t given season passes on my PVR. Say goodbye to: JERICHO and SUPERNATURAL (Note to SUPERNATURAL FANS: I’m so impressed with your passion and love for your show, please don’t send some bad-ass ghosts after me!)

Elimination Round Three: You had a great run
Step three involves letting go of shows that I’ve loved and luckily had the chance to enjoy for a few seasons. Say goodbye to: GILMORE GIRLS, SCRUBS and VERONICA MARS. Note to SCRUBS fans, I’d be shocked if it doesn’t come back for one final season. Thus I can’t give it my one vote.

Elimination Round Four: Sophie’s Choice
So here’s what we’re left with, and here are my thoughts.

30 ROCK: Give Tina Fey an Emmy.
THE CLASS: Most Improved Show of the year.
FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Coach Taylor and Tammi = Best couple on TV.
HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: LEGEN…. (wait for it)…. DERY.
STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP: Aaron Sorkin writes like no other.

The Decision
After countless hours of deliberation and at least one sleepless night, theTVaddict’s choice, assuming I can only SAVE ONE SHOW is FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS has delivered an award winning freshman season as a result of compelling story-telling and top notch acting. Each and every week the show manages to surprise, as it tackles difficult subjects realistically and from all angles. I can only hope that we get countless more seasons to enjoy the most under-appreciated new drama on television.

You can vote for the show you wish to save by clicking this link.

You can also vote on home page (right sidebar) by clicking here.

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  • Josh

    This was extremely difficult for me to vote for. I watch a number of shows on the list, but I was able to narrow it down to two. Kristin says 30 Rock is likely safe, so that was out. I really like Jericho, but not as much as a few others on the list. Same goes for Supernatural. I haven’t liked this season of One Tree Hill much at all, so that wasn’t it.

    So it came down to Veronica Mars and How I Met Your Mother. Since I couldn’t decide, I’m splitting my vote. I voted for VM on my home computer and HIMYM on the college computer lol. They both need to be brought back next season.

  • It’s down between Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars and How I Met Your Mother. 30 Rock and The Class have improved vastly though throughout the season.

  • Kristi

    I’m having a hard time I really like Crossing Jordon, Friday Night Lights, and Medium, and I like to watch 30 Rock and Scrubs because they are funny. There are a few other shows on the air that could be taken off instead of some of these.

  • Vance….. the game is SAVE ONE SHOW…. not five! 🙂

  • seat42f

    I voted for HIMYM…. The rest are either coming back or gone and we just don’t know it yet but HIMYM is truly on the bubble.

    Someone mentioned Crossing Jordan… a show I watch but I have no desire if it comes back minus Macy, Lilly and Woody ( those three have all signed onto other shows)……

  • h

    No problem for me. It’s FNL all the way!

  • dramawiz

    I know my friends would be mad at me for saying this, but veronica mars has got to go now. It has only gone downhill all season and if it came back it would likely be in a new format, which is never a good thing. I have been a devoted Gilmore fan, but it seems that they have been given a respectable run, so no need to come back, though it will be missed. I recently found HIMYM. It is hilarious or boring depending on the episode. But, assuming that the writers start moving forward again, and stop having episodes that are solely flashbacks, then that would be my pick. Otherwise, my show to save would have to be Scrubs because every episode has got me laughing.

  • Xanzou

    What about scrubs????? Its on the list too you know, even though ive read its very unlikely it will get canceled

  • Xanzou,

    Sorry forgot about SCRUBS (much like NBC!)… It falls under ‘You had a great run’. We had six great seasons, who’d have thought the little sitcom that could would still be on the air six years ago? That said, I firmly believe the show will be back for one final season.

  • grayarea

    toss between supernatural and friday night lights. kristin put fnl under “looking safe” and mentioned that nbc execs love fnl so there’s a better chance of it being saved but nothing’s sure when it comes to nbc. plus, i’d give anything to make sure fnl gets a second season. that show is just waaay too good to be passed on.

    on the other hand, supernatural is just a great show i really enjoy watching week after week that i feel it deserves better treatment from the cw and should definitely get a 3rd season compared to some other cw shows aired today *cough7thheaven&OTH*cough* they’ve got a great script and storyline, the acting is constantly improving, and its one of the most underrated shows around (just like fnl) imho.

  • I’d have to go with veronica mars, hands down. Following that would be The Class, which I adore. In fact, depending how the final episodes of MARS go, I might just throw my complete support behind The Class.

  • Tia

    Got to go with Supernatural. The CW has hardly given it any attention only until recently. When most of the show campaigning comes from the fans, thats sad! The show is well written and constantly evolving so it keeps renewing my interest, plus the characters are well-thoughtout. I never got into Friday night lights, it seemed to be missing something that would draw me in as a viewer. I am sure many others like it so it will be fine and probably get renewed.

  • Anne

    Every show site I go to seems to be plugging the **** out of Friday Night Lights. Wasnt there a huge Friday Night Lights Banner here only a couple weeks ago. plus theres these posts:

    FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: The Best Show on TV
    Friends dont let friends miss Friday Night Lights

  • Sam

    How are some of those in danger? They aren’t going to cancel most of those so you really only have to worry about

    The Class
    Studio 60
    Veronica Mars and
    What About Brian

    Which then makes it really easy because obviously it’s all V-Mars.

  • Alex

    I’m with you. I’ve enjoyed Medium and Scrubs, but I feel both have run their course. I want (well, need) FNL to come back for at least one more season, preferably two. Best show on TV! Good choice.

  • miki

    My vote is for Friday Night Lights. Not that I dont love Veronica (and Logan) but I atleas have 2 dvd sets at home to cherish for a very long time. In the words of Edna from Everwood, I had years with Veronica but 1 year with FNL is just tooo short.

  • miki — you just scored extra points in my book for quoting EVERWOOD!

  • David

    My vote goes to Jericho! It’s probably my favorite new show (not counting Ugly Betty, of course). I haven’t seen Friday Night Lights or Veronica Mars though…those will be my summer projects when there’s nothing else to watch =)

  • hanncoll

    I’m voting for Supernatural. As far as I’m concerned, there’s not one show on TV that can compare — it’s smart, sexy, funny and often genuinely scary, and it has a kickass soundtrack to top it off.

    Am I hearing correctly — that you’re getting to visit the Supernatural set? If so, maybe you’ll change your mind. I know there are a lot of SPN fans out there who hope you will. 🙂

  • Sam

    Tivo Jericho David. Make FNL and VM your ‘right now’ projects.

  • Jennifer

    I voted for HIMYM and the Class. I want Jericho and did not think that was really in question as it does have a loyal following but who knows, they actually consider not bringing back HIMYM which just amazes me.

    Having worked for a “ratings company” for (too)many years I know that what the public sees is a fraction of what the networks see and they make many decisions based on these antiquated systems. It is sad especially if the rumors are true that an exec doesnt like HIMYM and that is why it is on the bubble. We need our Barney-isms.

  • mimi

    It has to be FNL. I love Veronica and especially the Gilmore Girls, but they really have run their course. I would hate to seem them become like Felicity and Angel (or worse Charmed). FNL deserves atleast two more seasons. Ok 3.

  • Marcy


  • Robert

    The Class and How I Met Your Mother are two of the funniest shows on TV. I could care less about dramas. There is enough drama in the world around us. Laughter makes us all live longer. The Class and How I Met Your Mother has laughter in spades!!!

  • Emma

    I’ve never even heard of most of those shows making me beilve there not that good and cna’t get a high rating! I think you should have chosen Veronica Mats.

  • I would be crushed is Scrubs left it has such a great balance of silly humor and drama!

  • sam

    if i had to save one show i would save ONE TREE HILLL, because one tree hill is amazingggg and doesnt disever to get cancelled. i understand that they might have to foward it 4-5 years but i dont care i would still watch it. its just starting to get good and i hate now how we have to wait weeks for new episodes but i would wait forever to see one tree hill. i think one tree hill deserves at least 1 or 2 more seasons PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i will be so heartbrokennnn=[