Acceptable TV Opens Huge for VH1

Jack Black’s ACCEPTABLE TV was a huge hit last Friday when it debuted on VH1. Hmmm… could there be a correlation between ACCEPTABLE TV’s success and the shameless ads they took out on I wonder…

That said, check out a preview for one of this weeks mini-tv-shows (see clip above). Cirque Du Soleil meets CSI, pretty damn funny. ACCEPTABLE TV airs Friday at 10PM on VH1. To vote for what’s acceptable, head on over to

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  • plinstrot

    This show was Hi-larious! And I would’t have watched with out your incessant ads. There’s also a bunch more series they do at which are also great!

  • J

    I watched. I really don’t expect to watch again. Actually, I may see which bad segment was voted to return.