After years of ignoring it, mocking my friends who were hooked on it and doing my absolute best to never jump on the IDOL bandwagon — I’ve finally caved. It’s a sad day for theTVaddict, as it has become apparent that I’m hooked on AMERICAN IDOL.

How exactly did this happen? Well, like most things in my life — I blame the CW. GILMORE GIRLS and VERONICA MARS have been in repeat mode and hiatus respectively for what seems like months. Subsequently, my Tuesday nights are pretty empty. Enter Randy, Simon, Paula and Ryan. Throw in a few tears, witty banter, some really bad renditions of classic 60’s hits and one incredibly clueless contestant named Sanjaya. Can you really blame me if I want to stick around to see what happens next?

Is America really going to turn Sanjaya into an Idol? Is Melinda Doolittle’s ‘dear in headlights’ look of surprise whenever she gets complimented all a brilliant act? Will anyone call Chris Richardson out on the fact that he’s turning into a Justin Timberlake clone? I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I really am curious to find out.

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  • Common Sense

    TVA: I couldn’t have said it better. Your story is MY story. I’ve mocked Idol for years, not seeing the country’s fascination. But when The CW went all-repeats with GG & VM, then added the PCDs, I switched to Idol and got hooked for many of the same reasons…last week’s 60s songs and Sanjaya. They’ve got me til he’s voted off. Good lord, I even taped it last night.

  • Nice to hear I’m not the only TV addict with a total lack of will power! I too will be watching until Sanjaya gets voted off!

  • Tim

    I, too, could not understand the fascination for years. I watched the reruns of last season on Fox Reality and dug that season. This season is a mess, but I am still watching.

  • Jennifer

    I cant say I agree on this one. I just do not get it. All other networks are afraid to go against Idol so now nothing of any value is on so I have put my TIVO to good use and watch everything I miss during the rest of the week that TIVO records for me. Or I just turn the TV off and go online.

    You do know how fake this “reality” show actually is? These judges do not really sit through thousands of auditions, those are prescreened and only a select few make it through, those are the ones that the casting agents (people who audition the people initially in groups of about 50) think would be good for TV good or bad.

    I did watch in season one with Kelly Clarkson and thought it was okay but after that it became one giant commercial (just like the Apprentice) and I lost all interest.

  • Nicole

    Wow that is so weird, last night during the show i turned to my friend (we are both hopeless and shameless Idol Addicts) and said that Chris R. needs to get away from that Justin Timberlike vibe he’s giving off because he seems like a total fake!

    Is it just me or are the best ones Jordin and Blake?? Maybe I’m a little biased because Blake is such a hottie, but I really think those two can sing, and are entertaining to watch.

  • JennyC

    Welcome to the club! I love Idol and reading comments the next day. It really is a TV phenomenon.

  • Jennifer

    YAY! Welcome to the dark side, tvaddict! Wait until you get into spirited debates with friends and family over who should win – the thrilling highs, the devastating lows, etc. A piece of advice – it gets even better once all the riff raff is voted off and it’s an actual competition – i like blake and melinda myself.

  • This also includes other possible top 24 finalists: Michael Johns , Carly Smithson and Danny Noriega who sang“ When I Need You” by Leo Sayer. Watch the video:

  • I am so with you on this one, TVA! I discovered it late (mid-point of season 6, perhaps?), but after I called the Carrie Underwood victory after the first night we watched it, and after siding with Simon week after week, I think it’s the fact that I am such a great judge of talent that draws me to the show. 😉

    Hell, I am coming into late, but even building a website dedicated to it now…and hope to have it finished before it’s off the air…story of my life.

    I can’t wait for this season! 😉