Only Three Episodes Remain, So Don’t Forget…

Tonight on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, Coach Taylor feels the players are losing their grasp on the beauty of the game as envelopes of cash show up in players’ lockers. Envelopes of cash… I really should have tried out for my high school football team. The best new drama of the season (with BROTHERS & SISTERS a close second) airs tonight on NBC at 8PM.

To discover the secrets of television’s most successful (and realistic) marriage, head on over to to read a new interview with FNL stars Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and Connie Britton (Tami Taylor).

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  • mimi

    I watched the episode for this week and grew completely IN LOVE!!!! with this show. The writing, the acting, the whole mood of the show made me just realize how much I love television. I found myself adoring the Taylors and their fantastic relationship. If NBC cancels this shows, something is really wrong with the world today. I was in a department store shopping and overheard this teenage girl telling her friend “Yeah you have to watch What About Brian?. It’s the best show out there”. Huh?!? This is why great shows like Friday Nights Light aren’t being watched. Stupid morons are still watching garbage like WAB. Pathetic. Friday Nights Light deserves another season. Hell, it deserves to get a damn emmy nomination.