The set of SUPERNATURAL is about to get a little hotter.

Now I know what you’re thinking — Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, can the set really get any better looking? Well get ready to have your mind blown (and not in that spooky ghost-like SUPERNATURAL way).

theTVaddict himself will be visiting the set of SUPERNATURAL this Thursday in an effort to collect intel on May’s second season finale entitled “All Hell Breaks Loose” (Part II). I (along with Ducky and Rae) will be snooping around the set, talking to the cast/creative team members and hopefully running into Papa Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Denny on GREY’S ANATOMY) who’s rumoured to be popping up in the finale.

So if you’ve got any questions (or you know, marriage proposals) for Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and/or creator Eric Kripke, please post in the comments below.

Also, I’m looking for a recommendation on what are the best episodes from the second season, as I’d like to download a few from iTunes to watch on the long plane ride from Toronto to Vancouver.

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  • Just tell the cast and crew that we love them and that they do a fantastic job, that we appreciate all the hard work they put into doing the show. Tell them we wish them a safe, happy summer and that we want them back at work for season 3 refreshed and ready to go. You are so lucky to visit the set. Have a great time and come back with lots of stories.

  • Roxana

    You lucky, lucky, lucky … hmm okay promise not to swear …

    The episodes I would recommend : Born under a bad sign (because Jared was so good at being bad) and Tall Tales (because it was so funny and you get to laugh by yourself in the plane).

    If you can get Jeffrey to call me just once, you can have all the DVD collections out there … … … of course you will have to be a little patient on when can you get them all … say 100 years ? lol

    Seriously now …
    Can we see more Dean storylines? Can we see what the demon actually has planed for Sam and children like him? Can they do a little more research on the big myths like vampires or werewolves so that the story can be a little bit more developed?

    So enjoy your trip and tell us EVERYTHING !!!

  • peggy

    Im with everyone else in recomending Heart and Hunted and Born Under A Bad Sign all fantastic epsiodes!Please just tell the guys i watch the season here in Ireland and i love it!
    Question i think has already been asked but i will ask again.
    Are they keeping the special children arc?I would hate to see the Sams psychic storyline dropped now.

  • Tidia

    Two of my favorites are In My Time of Dying and Nightshifter. Nightshifter mainly because it was action packed. However, I would recommend watching the whole first season again.

    As for comments, what are the actor’s summer plans? Are they planning on doing any film work?



  • Knight

    How did you get the chance to visit the set? I am dying to get on set and meet Jensen. I would pay good money just to stand next to him. Is he going to be doing any conventions in the US? Awesome that you get to go onset. I’m so jealous.

  • Can you please ask Mr.Kripke if there are thoughts about a Video Game of Supernatural.

  • KJ Stewart

    Hey, Jensen and Jared you guys are awesome. Thank you for all you do, I look forward to a hopeful season 3 (crossing my fingers.) Supernatural is the best show on tv and, probably the only reason I love Thursday nights (lol) so just wanted to send you guys xoxoxoxo. love ya’s.

    Keep up the great work

    your biggest fan


  • DarcyEW

    Wanted to see if this posted

  • DarcyEW

    TVaddict Here are my questions for your set visit….

    1.Are they planning on releasing a Supernatural soundtrack? Please say yes! Or any other products like jewelry, TShirts, keychains…?
    2.How are they feeling about a 3rd season pickup? How does the network feel they’re doing?
    3.Will we see more of the recurring characters going into the finale and into next season? Like Ellen, Jo, Ash, Bobby and maybe some new faces.
    4.Is it possible the brothers have a half sibling they don’t know about? Were Ellen and John more then just friends? Why are their not more female hunters?
    5.Will we ever revisit towns or people we’ve already met? Like Lenore from Bloodlust, Missouri from Home or Sarah from Provenance? Her and Sam really had a connection and with everything that happened in Heart, we want to see him happy.

  • DarcyEW

    6. Will Sam ever figure out how to control his powers? And are you planning any kind of arc for Dean?

    7.Are there any urban legends or folklore myths that you’re dying to do, that you haven’t done yet?

    This ones for Jared and Jensen…
    8. Where would you like to see your characters go, that maybe they haven’t gone yet? Is there a specific character, monster or place you’d like the show to revisit? How do you feel about having love interest for your characters? A lot of fans are worried about it changing the brothers relationship, do you see this as an issue?

  • Anna B (“mousitsa”)

    Forgot to mention earlier…. wish Jensen good luck on Ten Inch Hero this summer. He can definitely count on our support and we’re looking forward to it!! 🙂

  • Shannon

    well for me, it’s ahrd to narrow it down to one episode, just watch them all. haha. I can’t think of any questions right now, I’m sure most people covered them all. But I would love a soundtrack. and just tell the boys and all of the crew that I and all the fans love what they all do. I love their dedication and passion they put into the show. I love that this show is so different from everything else on TV and it’s got so many elements. It’s emotional, hysterical, gut-wrenching, compelling, suspenseful and just awesome. I think the boys don’t get the dredit they deserve for what they do on the show, they are the show and I hope they know that. They and the show are one of the few true and genuine things out there to watch right now. So after a very winded reason of why I love the show, just tell them how much I and everyone appreciates them and to never change!!! Oh and it would be cool if they shot in other parts of the country. I know they have before, but like some East Coast places? Maybe Northeast, like Connecticut? Have fun! I’m totally jealous!

  • Anna


    All of the episodes are really great from Season 2 but the ones that stand out for me are Heart and Born under a bad sign.Tall tales and roadkill were great too.

    As for comments for Jared&Jensen….Hi Guys.Best of luck with everything


  • Cymone S.

    Wow, there’s quite a few to choose from as far as good episodes, but I believe I’m probably biased considering I’m a fan of the show. If you haven’t seen much of Season 1, I’d recommend:

    *1.09 “Home”–first appearance of Sam’s visions and help from the psychic that showed John Winchester what’s ‘really in the dark.’
    *1.17 “Hell House,”–for laughs, because it’s a wonderful look at the playful sibling prank side of the Sam and Dean.
    *1.21 “Salvation” and
    *1.22 “Devil’s Trap,”–to get an idea of what’s going on (and an AMAZING performance from Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

    But under the assumption that you may have already seen Season 1, then Season 2 is tough. Obviously, you’d need to watch 2.01 “In My Time of Dying” to get introduced into what’s happening. After that, it’s really kinda up in the air:

    *2.09 “Crotoan” and 2.10 “Hunted” go hand in hand. It introduce another psychic like Sam, and creates even more insecurities about Sam and his “destiny”
    *2. 12 “Nightshifter” has plot in it that I hope will be covered again, concerning Sam and Dean’s…less than clean slate with the law.
    *2.14 “Born Under a Bad Sign”–Padalecki shines, and there is much drama that ensues between Sam and Dean because of Sam’s destiny and what may happen.

    Man, do I hope I’ve helped. ^__^ I don’t know much about iTunes, but I hope some of those are on there.

    As for my question–could you ask anyone, maybe a writer or Kripke (if he’s there), . There seems to be a heavy connotation of negativity as far as psychics and psychic powers go–it’s almost an implication that the powers that the “Special Children” have are somehow demonically influenced. Will there ever be another “positive” psychic like Missouri Mosely again?


  • Cheryl W.

    I would highly recommend “Bloodlust.” It reveals a lot about Sam, his strength of character,the love he feels for Dean who’s reeling from his fathers death, and Sams reverence for life, no matter what form it may take.
    It’s also a good clashing between brothers on the definition of what is huntable and each brother comes out with a new and yet surprisely similar undestanding of their Dad. The character of Gordon as the twisted rogue hunter is in part the catalyst to the brothers learning experiences.
    A guest appearance by the wonderful actress Amber Benson (Tara from Buffy the vampire Slayer ) also adds to the enjoyment of this episode.

    If I had a question for Mr kripke it would be… When will we learn what Mary Winchesters connection is to the demon storyline. I think she has something to do with why Sam has his abilities and what did her “I’m sorry” mean in the episode “Home.” The second being the one that drives me the craziest most.
    Thank you!
    Cheryl aka shimmerinstars77

  • jinx

    Night Shifter all the way. It had all the elements – action, adventure, emotion, you name it. The ending was pure genius with the best song – Renegade!!!

  • *~HELLO~*
    would u let DEAN (that hot thang) know that my birthday is on the 15th of May. I think hes the best looking one but all my friends think not, but i dont care. MMMMM . could u also tell him hes hot and spunky.
    *~LOVE YA ALL. EBZ~*

  • indiia grant-male

    Hi! Can u plz tell jensen akcles that i think he is really really really really really HOT! My frends all think jared padeleki is hotter but he is not! Also i would like to know if jensen has a girlfrend, because if he doesnt im single! i mean even though im only 12 i think we could see past that little law:~) oh and deffo ask him if anything is gonna happen between him and jo. i would really like to know:~) Cheerio!

  • katie

    i just wondered if jo from supernatural is really dead and if she isnt is she coming back in series 3, i really wanted her and dean to get together. i was really excited.
    please reply back as soon as possible.

  • katie

    i just wondered if jo from supernatural is really dead and if she isnt is she coming back in series 3, i really wanted her and dean to get together.