Follow theTVaddict to the Set of SUPERNATURAL

Thanks to TWITTER, you can now feel like you’re actually on the set of SUPERNATURAL with theTVaddict. As you may or may not know, theTVaddict is heading to Vancouver today to visit with the Winchester Boys. All day long I’ll be sending messages via Twitter to my Twitter home page which you can view below, or at No idea what Twitter is, it’s the ‘next big thing’ online. You can check out a FAQ by clicking here.

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  • Thank you for letting us follow every step of your visit to the Supernatural set! I’m truly excited about this! I thought they had already finished shooting the finale but it’s really amazing to know that you’ll be there!
    Can’t wait for more updates!

  • DarcyEW

    Have fun visiting the set and bring back all the dish!!! Some of us put new question/comments up on the TVaddict visits the Supernatural thread.

  • Janine

    I’ve been refreshing your twitter page all day. I’m beyond jealous but so grateful that you’ve been sharing it with us. Can’t wait to hear more and see your pics.

  • I’ve been following that Twitter box like a crazy person. Can’t wait for your pictures! Omg a bloodstain on Jared’s back? SAMMY! 🙁

  • Jenna

    A lot of people have been following this on the twitter box… thanks for the ride, looking forward to more!

  • Lol I think I had a panic attack when you posted about Jared having a bloodstain on his back. Can’t wait for the pictures!

  • Charli

    SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM YES, finally maybe we’ll get to see SAM near death for a change. Oh awesome, rock on with the limp Sam, I can not WAIT to see this. You are the biggest legend for spoiling us. Thankyou dude.

  • phantomas

    I too have been following that little box (time zones allowing)..can’t wait to see your pics. Thank you for letting us in (fans, yes, but strangers) in your experience!

  • hanncoll

    Thanks so much for your updates via Twitter — especially the one saying Kim Manners is confident SPN will get a third season!

  • Sounds like an awesome trip.

  • Lola

    Looking forward to the pictures and a more detailed accounting of your setside visit, you lucky devil you. Or should that be, you lucky non-yellow eyed demon you.

  • Jennifer

    Yes, I’m going to say it. I’m riveted to a Twitter. Is that dirty? LOL. You guys are awesome for providing this for us! Thank you!