theTVaddict Hunts Down the Winchester Brothers on the set of SUPERNATURAL

supernatural set visit

Spooky motel rooms, one really large graveyard and the kind of billowing smoke that one would expect a yellow-eyed demon to emerge from. Is it any wonder I can’t sleep?

It’s 5:30am in beautiful downtown Vancouver British Columbia and I’m wide awake after having spent the entire day on the set of The CW’s SUPERNATURAL. Perhaps not surprisingly, the place is a little weird, a whole lot creepy… and did I mention the graveyard?

Truth be told, the SUPERNATURAL set was everything a hunter (or obsessed fan of the series) could hope for… and more. Like any intrepid explorer, I approached each new turn with a mixture of excitement and dred, camera in hand so as to capture every moment. Each prop was scrutinized, the mountain of fan mail (each of which is read, and hundreds of which are mounted on a huge wall) catalogued. And I figured that while I was there, I might as well capture an image or two of those two demon-hunting guys everyone seems to love.

jensen ackles jared padelecki

For the record — and I know you’ll be as glad to hear this as I am to report it — Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, aka the stars of the spooktacular spookfest — are not only two of the hardest working guys in the biz, but also the nicest. Despite their heavy schedule, they made time for an extended chat with the reporters invading their turf. As to what was said that day, you’ll just have to check back later in the week to read the interviews!

Under the watchful eye of the show’s publicist (and let’s take time here to thank the incredible Holly, since handling PR is so often a literally thankless job!), the on-screen brothers filled us in on the show’s fright-filled two-part season finale as well as their working relationship and just how much SUPERNATURAL — and its fans — means to them.

But wait! There’s more!

After getting to know the Winchester boys, we also got to hang with members of the prop department (bloody knife, anyone?), set designers (someone’s gotta dream up all those haunted houses!), fight co-ordinator and the special effects crew, whom Padalecki lovingly refers to as the “Super Nerds”.

Next, it was on to the big cheese himself, executive producer/director Kim Manners, who admitted that a third season seems likely, given how happy the network is with the direction the show has taken. Given the fact that ideas for the beast-battling boys next adventures are already being batted about (and Manners’ agent is negotiating an extension of his contract), the signs certainly seem pointed toward a renewal.

So keep your eyes open in the days to come as tiptoes through the graveyard to bring you all the gory details you know you’re dying for, including extensive interviews with both the stars and the executive producer, as well as exclusive photos to die for!

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  • Thanks so much for posting…
    I love Supernatural!!!

  • Anna

    Thanks so much for the coverage, and can’t wait for the interviews later!

    Also, THANK YOU for the news that Kim is hopeful on renewal. I hope that the CW puts the fans out of their misery, and announces the renewal without making us all sit through the agony of upfronts.

  • ML

    Woohoo! Thanks for being the syringe delivering the sweet smack that is Supernatural directly to my veins, where it warmly courses, inducing instant euphoria. OK, that metaphor was a bit labored.

  • Jillian

    Alright, you’ve got me hooked… Supernatural is clearly, in my opinion, the most entertaining show on TV right now. Thank you for delivering the most entertaining ‘behind the scenes’ insight!

  • Common Sense

    Excuse me, CW Honchos…show me one other show on your network that generates this much fan interest.

  • You are SO incredibly lucky! Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to hearing (and seeing!) much, much more.

    Hmm — will you have even more things you’ll be able to share after the season finale airs, when you won’t be revealing any spoilers but might be able to broaden our insights into what went into shooting it?

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  • ‘Supernerd’?? Jared is one naughty boy~~!ROFL!

  • This is too cool! I cannot wait for more photos and your interview with our favorite leading men. 🙂

  • Straight shooter

    Wow, I’m glad you got to meet them TVaddict, some folks never will haha. And I’m very excited to read the interview you bring back for the fans of what it was like on set. And especially photos too!!

    New interviews & pictures about Supernatural and the boys themselves are always great.

  • Amanda (MysticKitty512)

    OH WOW! Thank you so very much for this, TVAddict!!! I am so jealous of this awesome experience you got to have, but I’m glad that you had a good time! It sounds like you really got to see it all when you did this, and best of all, you got to talk to our favorite dynamic duo!!! Jared and Jensen are fantastic, onscreen and offscreen, I would LOVE to meet them one day… any pointers you can give me? LOL! This show is amazing, the absolute best show on television, best show I’ve ever seen, period. It’s GREAT to hear from Kim Manners that things are looking up for a Season 3… Can’t wait to read and see the rest of what you’ve got, and please give my infinite appreciation and love to the cast and crew for the incredible work they do and the incredible show they bring to us… Thanks! : D

  • Linda

    OMG, please keep me updated. I can never get enough of Supernatural! Thanks guys for doing the hard (but fun) work for us!!!

  • Rae

    I meant to say this earlier but forgot… that is an AWESOME picture of the two of them. Damn me for not wanting to move away from Jensen’s side to get a good frontal shot of them both.

  • tatyana broomfield

    *tear* sammy might die
    need a box of tissue that day

  • tatyana broomfield

    they need 2 bring him back just like dean
    dean said he kill himself if sammy die

    Dean: No, you’re gonna burn in Hell, unless you tell us where our dad is. (no response) Well at least you’ll get a nice tan

  • tatyana broomfield

    any one hate jo?

  • tatyana broomfield

    he sat in metallicar with dean & sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C.J. Classick

    He’s not lucky, he’s a journalist, I’ve already read quite a few reports, and tons of fans have
    met Jared and Jensen. And this “addict” doesn’t have a name.

  • My name is Daniel 🙂

  • synchro

    Wow, looking forward to your report!!! Super Nerds! LOL thats cute!

  • martea

    yay! more seasons! yay!

    thanks for the fabtastic article=)
    more power, man.

  • tristanrose101

    I hate “Jo” Why do you ask Tatyana? IF Sammy’s close to death – will it be in the first part or 2nd part of the episode? Kripke said “no cliff-hangers”, right? My two cents worth, I think “Jake” is the YED who’s “possesed” Sam, he’s sort of “burnt/marked” Sam (the bloodied shirt!). Looking forward to several more seasons of SN LOL.

  • Sundae

    I just wanted to say that the cast of Supernatural is doing great. Keep on going!!!!!! I………

  • Hello supernatural you are my fan and i like Jensen Ackles and you’r friend to

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