Exclusive Scoop: The GILMORE GIRLS Series Finale!

Having just returned from the set of SUPERNATURAL, this TV addict was in no mood to going through the massive pile of mail that accumulated while I was away. Luckily, one oddly thick package caught my attention…

Yes my friends, your eyes don’t deceive you. In this TV addict’s possession is the season (possibly series) finale script of the GILMORE GIRLS! Dying to discover what happens to our favourite gals from Stars Hollow? Highlight the inviso-text below to find out. Needless to say, spoiler-phobes beware.

With Rory preparing to graduate from Yale and move to New York for grad school, Lorelai finds herself at a crossroads. Not willing to be left alone in Stars Hollow, Lorelai must finally choose between marrying Luke or returning to Christopher. Of course like everything in Stars Hollow, nothing is as easy as it seems. Marrying Luke means moving to New Mexico to be with April. While committing to Christopher means shutting Luke out of her life forever.

The episode reaches a climax at Rory’s graduation, as the entire town shows up for the big event. As Rory receives her diploma from special guest star Christiane Amanpour, Lorelai looks over at Chris who’s beaming with pride. She realizes that Christopher is indeed her soul mate, and that family is more important than anything else. Lorelai decides to sell her portion of the Dragonfly Inn to Sookie and Michel and move to Paris with Christopher and Gigi. Luke, unable to bare losing Lorelai again, decides to sell the diner to Kirk and moves to New Mexico to be closer to April. Melissa McCarthy, Yanic Truesdale, Liza Weil and Sean Gunn also star.  Stephen Clancy directed the episode written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner (#2T7768).

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  • cam3150

    April Fool’s Day….right?

  • Tim

    Ha… about halfway through that I finally realized what day it was. I need to be more aware today.

  • Wow, you couldn’t be more creative than this?

    tsk, tsk.

  • Me being Miss Gullible, I totally fell for that and almost had a heart attack. 🙂

  • katen

    I hate you!!! too muxh! i was just about to tell everyone I know and post it on gilmore girls sites and everything!
    okay u got me!
    haha ur too cool tvaddict

  • VCAD

    I would have been really affected if you said something like VM renewed when it hasn’t (yet) or something, but I really couldnt care less for the GG.

  • Katie

    Nice one. Maybe next time you should take note of the actual spoilers that are out. You know, like the fact that Rory’s graduation isn’t in the finale.

  • Oooh, such hostility from these GG fans. Who knew?

  • Younowho

    Ha, Ha- you fooled me.

  • Pbbbt, you totally got me. I was like “This is so not okay!!!” and then I was like “….wait.”

  • Angela

    Thanks for the laugh!! Ah, the power of wishful thinking.

  • You are a horrible, awful, terrible, no-good, very bad person. That was hysterical! (Better even than my mother calling this morning to say that my sister – who has vowed to leave her husband should he ever impregnate her again – was having another offspring!)

  • Common Sense

    Every year….oh, how I hate this day.


    I was able to say that if this was the actual gilmore girls script they have finally managed to
    **** the show up royally, meaning I was hoping this was the series finale. Then I caught it was an April fools joke and Im still nervous, they may try this same thing.

  • Caryn

    I knew it was a joke but I so wish that was the case…As much as I used to LOVE Luke with Lorelai I now want her and Christopher to get back together! maybe they will read this and go with that ending hehe

  • Annie

    Um, yeah not funny. I about died…I almost had to call up my friend and FREAK out becuase my favorite show was ruined. Not funny at all. Seriously. (In reality, I appreaciate the april fools joke, i didn’t get one yet!)

  • Alyssa12

    Thank God that was an april fool’s joke!!!! I was about to throw my computer out the window!!!! That was a good one… never do that again

  • Suzi

    Holy hell! Talk about giving someone a heart attack! I totally died then!!!! And it is April 3rd here and this is about the 6th fools joke i have been caught by tonight!!
    All i can say is OMG. *thud* I think im dead!! lmao!!! Considering this is the first ‘attempted’ GG spoiler i have read in months! lmao!

  • Renée

    oh how I wish the show would play out like this! Chris are Lor are, indeed, soulmates! Lorelai needs to wake up to the fact and stop running! You made my heart beat SO fast for a sec, I was so thinking it could be true! It was only after I read ppl’s comments I realized it was all a big joke! Cleaver April fools joke! Just wish it was how things really would end up! TRUE LOVE IS C/L!

  • Amber

    Evil! I was so excited and happy with that ending. Yay, I like Christopher,until they made him controlling and out of character just to get the tension between then. It’s why i don’t watch anymore. *sigh*

    Aagin, you, eveeel!

  • Finney

    Horrible…and very mean-spirited. I think that would really void the entire series, if that were so, AND mean an entire waste of my time for so many Tuesday evenings. Thank you, but no thanks for that April 1st joke!

  • Madeline

    I hate you! I totally thought you were serious, and i would have died! I love this show to much for any of that to happen.

  • Moni

    Ok… April fools… hmmm People who knew you, wanted you dead, right? Well looked pretty real to me, so you acomplished what you’re up to. I just have to know: Is it really Over GG or it’s just a big rumor?

  • Nikki

    ha? ok lol. at first i totally believed you, but then lorelei moving to paris w/ Chris? Luke selling his diner to Kirk. yeah rite. lol. hopefully gg will not be over

  • Rosetta

    BAD bad evil person I was about to start crying and go hysterical….

  • gglover

    hahaha my mouth literally dropped open as i was reading it haha oh wow thank the lord this cant be true i think i would just stop watching now if it was! you got me

  • Willow

    If this is true…I am very suprised (literally)! Because last nights episode Rory didn’t get in to the New York Times. They really need to sum it up what happened to Paris and Doyle, Logan (if he went on with his life), and the townsfolk of Stars Hollow. Why would Lorelai move to France just to be with Christopher because Sherry is in France!!!

  • Not Bob

    OH MY GOD! It being May 1st and me not finding this until now, I feel like a complete idiot for not realizing. I told my equally obsessed friend and we started crying. DON’T MAKE FUN!

  • Not Bob

    Sorry, I wrote the comment last night. Didn’t get to submit it ’til now.

  • Jami

    Gilmore Gilrs is Really Going off the air. I don’t why all these people thinks it’s an April’s fool joke? It’s not. Alexis is not resigning for another season. Just an FYI people.

  • Kaitlynn

    OMG! Have you not seen the commercials?
    Lorelai ends up with Luke!
    Get your facts straight!

  • kim

    I missed the series finale where can I find a copy?

  • i

    OMG!! its true!! gilmore girls is over forever!! the last episode was on tuesday!! how can that be?Gilmore girls was my life and now its just over? im gonna start crying!!