By: Jenny (This Week on TV)

If you are a fan of GHOST WHISPERER on CBS (or heck, even if you aren’t, but you love supernatural shows!), check out Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side starting today streaming free on! Every Friday, you can catch a new episode of this “unique web series that shows the spirit world from the perspective of an earthbound spirit, Zach, who searches for answers regarding his recent death. As Zach learns to navigate around the spirit world, he meets an array of ghosts who teach him how to intersect with the land of the living.” The character Zach will then appear in the 2nd season finale of Ghost Whisperer.

Three of the main characters are played by relative newcomers: Zach is played by Mark Hapka, Danny (his friend that Zach holds responsible for his death) by Matthew Alan and Sarah (Zach’s temptress and teacher in the spirit world) by Robin Hines. Also in the show are the rapper DNA (who plays Sam, a spirit who entertains and enlightens Zach), Graham McTavish, from Rome and Rambo IV, (who plays The Shadow Spirit, a ghost from the Dark side) and fashion model Taylor (who plays Katie, Zach’s girlfriend).

You can check out the trailer or go directly to CBS to view the first of the 8 episode free of charge! It’s 3 minutes and sets up the other 7 episodes well.

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  • Liz

    What, you guys aren’t going to announce Seventh Heaven’s cancellation?

  • Hahahaha…. Liz… sorry, it’s Saturday. Don’t think I haven’t been jumping for joy all day. But I really wanted take the time to make a nice announcment and post it tomorrow!

    I have a *special* post planned… stay tuned 🙂

  • Buzz

    Some music from my friends band Dope Sixx is going to be on tonight’s show. I am really excited that they have come this far. I hope everybody likes it. Their music will be up for download on tomorrow (Saturday) so everybody should go check it out. I am so exctied for the season finales.