Emily VanCamp Previews Tonight’s BROTHERS & SISTERS

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BROTHERS & SISTERS returns to ABC tonight with an all new episode at 10PM (est). Tonight Nora finally decides it’s time to meet ‘the other Walker’ for herself, inviting her late husband’s illegitimate daughter Rebecca (Emily VanCamp) to a classic Walker dinner. And by ‘classic’ we of course are referring to the fact that almost every Walker family dinner ends in either tears or family members storming off from the table in anger. Here’s hoping someone warns Rebecca before it’s too late!

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Emily VanCamp about her newest role and while the article isn’t completely ready, I thought I’d offer up a preview of what Emily had to say with regards to joining one of the most talented ensemble casts on television.

On her character Rebecca:
Emily VanCamp:
Rebecca’s got an edge, a chip on her shoulder, having been brought up by a tough, independent single mom. But underneath her façade she’s just a sad little girl. Rebecca’s just discovered that she is apart of this big new family, but on the inside she feels cheated. She never got to grow up with all these people, and isn’t sure how to react to her new situation.

On Rebecca’s relationship with her new family:
It’s interesting, as the story starts to unfold, Rebecca begins to form a different relationship with each brother and sister. She becomes really tight with Justin, Kitty won’t open up and Sarah acts weird and standoffish. As we move along, Rebecca starts to stir up trouble and something comes up that will jeopardize her relationship with the family. From her perspective, she’s trying to get to know this new family, but really doesn’t know them. In reality, I have no idea how I’d approach a situation like that.

On her first day on the set:
When I first meet people, I’m kind of shy to begin with so I was absolutely terrified to go to work. That and the character I’m playing [Rebecca] is a lot more sexual and confident than both myself and the characters I’ve been used to playing. I was really scared and nervous. But that’s where the whole ‘acting thing’ comes in to play.

On working with the legendary Sally Field:
I had my first scene with Sally last week and I didn’t say two words. But it went great and Sally was so kind.

BROTHERS & SISTERS airs on ABC tonight at 10PM. Be sure to check back soon for the entire interview.

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